Soulful Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Compassionate Flow

55 min - Practice


Flow with compassion and kindness towards the self and others as we move into the Throat Chakra, helping us speak and listen authentically. We root our practice in the sound of the breath, moving through Moon Salutations and into heart and front body opening poses. You will feel open and receptive.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sarah thanks so much for this beautiful flow. I always find your progression of asanas to be intuitive, inevitable, and the whole flow feels just perfect! Looking forward to next week’s Soulful Flow! Pamela
Thank you so much for the note, Pamela Macht! It makes me so happy to hear that you are continuing to enjoy these practices and so looking forward to continuing our practice together. Stay close and have a beautiful weekend!
I was tired coming into this (got up too early!) but the pacing was perfect for me, and I melted into a long, deep shavasana at the end. Feeling refreshed! Thanks, Sarah!
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Thank you for this energizing, steady practice. Happy 4th of July.
You’re so welcome, Lori! Thanks for practicing with me today. Blessings, Sarah
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Again, this was so beautiful, and I was able to maintain a focus on my throat and the sound of my breath throughout, because of your careful choice of postures. I feel soothed and prepared for the day. Thank you Sarah.
You're so welcome, Ali and I am so happy to hear about your experience of the practice—thank you for sharing!
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I loved the slow but powerful pace of this practice. Very soothing! Also, great yoga pants! Very desert-y!
Haha, thank you, Catherine! I am so happy to hear that the pace worked for you and that you felt soothed. Hope to practice with you again soon. xo
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Oh, gosh, that was lovely. Thank you for a wonderful practice!
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