Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Rise to the Challenge

60 min - Practice


Change your relationship with challenging poses as Robert leads us in a dynamic flow to stabilize the core, as well as the shoulders, back, and legs. You will feel strong and encouraged.
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Hey everybody, welcome to my home Mikasa Sukasa. I'm here on Martha's Vineyard on the New England portion of the United States and I saw that a lot of you were from all over the place so I just I'm so stoked that you guys are here and I'm not going to get into too much discussion because it's only one hour that I get to spend with you. So let's get some good quality time in, start standing. I hope you've got a little bit of water, you've got your mat, maybe a block, a strap. These are all just optional things.

If you'd like them, grab them. If you don't want them, don't need them, lose them. So let's get started at the front of the mat and we'll get started. So with your feet about hip width or whatever your preferred stance is, I like hip width personally. Just begin to find like a nice sturdy strong committed stance, fully committed to the here and now and to your practice, to your breath.

So just kind of feel the feet spread out. Take a deep breath, bring the arms overhead, exhale the hands, draw them right to the center of your chest, to your heart, that place of commitment. Let's do that two more times together. Breathe your arms up high and breathe out, hands draw down to the center of your chest. One more time, breathe in and breathe out.

Draw your forehead down toward the fingertips for a moment, like a gesture in creating your intention. All right, the intention could be that you just want to move and exercise and breathe and maybe even sweat a little bit, or it could be something completely your own, a little bit different, a little bit more meaningful or deep. Take a couple of breaths into that. The movement is great, the breathing is wonderful, but when you really add some kind of meaningful impactful intention that drives you through the practice, I find personally that you just get a little bit more out of it. So let's take one more breath here together, open your mouth and exhale everything out.

Perfect, all right. Bring the arms up overhead as you inhale and as you exhale forward fold, we'll go through a nice slow sun salutation to kind of warm the body up. So as you forward fold, let go of the back of the head and bend the right leg, bend the left, start to feel what's going on, right? What's going on? We spend so much time kind of moving through our days just kind of in our heads, but what a gift to be able to spend quality time checking in with how our body feels.

So let's come up and do a half lift. So breathe in, get a long extended spine and as you breathe out, forward fold once again. Drive yourself all the way up, big breath in takes you there and exhale the hands back to the heart. Breathe in, bring the arms up overhead, big full body stretch and exhale forward and down. Half lift, inhale and exhale fold.

Breathe in, rise up and let's take it all the way back down as you exhale. Breathe in, half lift. As you breathe out, let's take a little stroll back to downward dog and walk it out a little bit. So the hands are placed firmly, fingers spread wide and then you've got that nice option of pedaling out those legs, driving one heel down as you bend the opposite leg and then you drive and straighten through the other leg and then get a little curious in the hips. This is all just like the integration, right?

The beginnings of what could possibly be a really awesome practice for you today. And if it's not awesome and you feel a little crappy in your body, it is what it is, right? Let it be that. Let's come into a plank pose, draw the shoulders up over the wrist and hand, somewhere around there. Make it personal for you.

What do your wrists feel best? Sometimes the hands a little farther forward or good. Nice and firm through the low belly, firm through the quads. For this first one, bring the knees down, could be for all of them for you, up to you. Just exhale, bend the arms, pull the shoulders back and exhale down.

Inhale, come up through a cobra, maybe even pressing up for a little lazy upward dog. Let me draw the hips from side to side. Like I said, just kind of warming and opening and taking this time to appreciate the bod. Okay, let's come back through a child's pose. So exhale your way all the way back, stretch through the hips, reach out long through the arms.

Nice pose to come to if you feel a little fatigued or if you just need a moment to connect a little more intimately with yourself and what's happening in the moment. Back into table on the breath in, curl the toes, lift the knees, downward dog, nice long spine here. And let's take a slow stroll to the front of the mat. Come on up, half lift, inhale, good strong core and spine. Stay right here with the half lift, bend both legs, but then deliberately stretch and straighten the right leg.

Take the back of your left hand. We'll do these several times throughout the class, kind of my favorite. Left hand presses to the inside of the left leg. Keep the chest lifted, spine long and rotate open to the right. So you get a nice spinal twist, you get the hamstrings, the hips.

And then as you exhale, release it down and switch the position. So right hand into that bent right leg, straight long, strong left leg, long spine and rotate open to the other side where I can see you now. Ah, sorry we didn't get too much time in the beginning to chit chat, but I think we're all here to get moving, right? Which we are and will do more of. Come on down, ah, forward fold and then bend the knees a little bit, ground through the feet, engage the core and rise up.

And exhale, hands back to the heart. Really committed, building on that, arms reach up, breathe in and forward fold, breathe out. Breathe in half lift, breathe out, walk it back into plank pose, decide whether you'd like your knees for support, lower yourself down halfway or all the way and move yourself into that nice little back band. Getting close attention to how your low back feels here. Good, strong and stretched across the upper body and from the core and your thigh muscles pull back into downward dog.

So it's not all low back doing that, okay, perfect, perfect, perfect, okay, let's finish this one off and we'll build on that. Let's take a little stroll back up, really nice. Forward fold, loosen up the back of the neck, shoulders, inhale half lift and fold, exhale. So grateful to move with you guys today, inhale, bring it up and breathe out, hands to heart. Inhale, sweep the arms up, exhale forward and down, body starts to open up, inhale half lift, exhale, walk it back into plank, you can jump back if you'd like, lower yourself down, take your time, there's no rush, inhale, open up, dog, strong arms, exhale, downward dog, lift the right leg up, let's open up that hip a little bit.

So as you lift the right leg, try to ground that left heel as far down as you can and then peel that right hip open, maybe do some circles through there, just a little bit of love through that hip on the right side and then square off the hips and power through the core, plank knee toward the right elbow, bring it on the inside though, keep the hips square and level and push the earth away like you would in cat pose, bring it back up, inhale, we'll do five, exhale, knee in, breathe in, stretch it up, breathe out, squeeze it up in here, two more and do what you can, take breaks when you need, exhale, exhale, exhale and step the right foot up and out wide, nice, bring the left knee down and rise up for your low crescent lunge, you can take the arms up nice and high, maybe even sweep them back to interlace, open up the chest and shoulders just a little bit more, breathe very specifically into some of those tricky spaces you've got, I've got the tricky and sticky spots in the body and I really know that when I give it that kind of like unconditional love and breath, it really does that space in the body, it responds, nice, bring the hands back down, left hand specifically grounds, bend the left leg, grab hold of the top of the left foot, draw safely the left heel towards your left seat, so my back is to you, I apologize to that but that's just the way it goes right, so you can drop into the hips, getting some stability and strength on that left side, if we hit any side planks moving forward which I think we might, good, release that hold, bring the right hand back down, curl the back toes, lift the left knee and walk that right foot over onto the mat, so it's solid on the right side of the mat, ground that left arm, take any wrist stretch you might need and open up into a nice twist, loosen up the neck, shoulders, really nice, bring the right hand back down, try not to drag your right foot back, lift it up back into plank, good, pause and plank, close your eyes for a few moments, get all those necessary muscles engaged, hold yourself there and even as not pleasant as plank can be, switch your language, switch your relationship with those poses that are difficult for you, these poses are helping to build strength and stability in your body, that's just the beginning of the benefits, so much more beyond, stay with it, hold tight through the low belly, through the thighs, now use your knees or not, that's the last time I'll give you that option, I'm going to trust you're doing it right for you, exhale, lower yourself down to your level, good, inhale, open up, upward dog and exhale downward dog, nice, man it doesn't take much, left leg lifts, bend it, open up that hip, present moment, this breath, this sensation, this thought, square off the hips, you know where we're going with this, nice powerful knee to the inside of the left elbow, somewhere around there, push the earth away, strong, inhale send it up, exhale number two of five, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, one last time and step it up and out wide, bring the right knee down, so it's wide but it's not too wide and then when you're ready, we'll get off the shoulders, you can shake out the arms, you can take a wrist stretch or join me with the arms up overhead, hips dropping, mindful of your low back, you know it doesn't mean like a correct low lunge doesn't mean how deep and bendy you can get right, this could be a much more appropriate position for you right there, if you find the balance between structural strength, keeping that and adding like kind of like some bendability and stretch, take the arms back behind you, interlace, you're doing great and you know for a moment while we're here in low lunge, just admire for me anyway it's pretty incredible that we're all practicing together on this format yoga anytime and there's people in Scotland and New York and Netherlands and all over the United States and where else am I forgetting there are a lot and so it's kind of cool if you just close your eyes for a moment and connect with this community that we are all practicing with right now it's really I don't know it's kind of mind-blowing to me bring the arms down take the left foot out to the left a little bit let's get that foot grab on the right side also bend it reach back grab it if you can't don't worry about it you find another option here you can draw that right heel toward the seat force anything see where it makes sense for you right you don't have to fit in any other mold but the mold that you see in some of these poses can be inspiring though right you can see somebody in a shape and go I want to do that as long as it's it's sort of a nice balance it's a healthy I want to do that make sense all right release that walk the left foot over toward left center ground that right arm right leg strong and lifted or down up to you and then twist try to make it a nice honest twist through the upper body less about dropping the right hip left hand comes down let's do this right foot forward forward fold all the way up inhale and exhale hands rest at the heart arms down and up inhale and exhale forward and down breath in half lift breath out plank lower inhale sound effects are great and exhale downward dog nicely done right leg lifts on the breath in step it through breath out land it create some good space between the right foot and left foot ground strong strong rise high lunge great a little soft bend in the back knee enables the tailbone to extend down get out of that low back in the core you can get in that left glute okay bring the hands to the chest healthy spine and then we'll open up and twist to the right we're gonna stay here those of you who feel like this is perfectly enough you stay or you start to lean forward reach that left arm forward pull the right hip back and draw the left elbow across the right thigh good you can bring your knee down if that's some good assist for you this lunge twist hands in that prayer mode dedicated to and committed to your intention perfect come back out let's rise up breath in and hold here for a moment right leg probably feeling it a little bit right good good we want to feel it and bring the hands down to the hips for a moment straighten the front leg and slide that left foot up just enough for you to ground the back heel okay straighten the right leg but put a little little bend in it so you're not in the joint push the hips back and as you're pushing the hips back lifting the chest and reaching forward forward forward forward and a little momentary pause and pyramid pose let the head relax use some blocks or couch or a counter use your breath you've got it sweet sweet sweet sweet nice standing split so we're gonna keep working that right leg okay hands come out in front of the right foot or maybe even grab hold of that right ankle for some balancing standing split you choose then lean forward and lift the left leg up don't worry about how high it goes this is that's a really good practice right because you've seen people in this and it's like a split and you may be doing that that's awesome i kind of i used to call this like a rusty scissor for me let the head relax stay with the fields and the left foot comes down to join the right good job inhale half lift starting to feel those muscles working fold exhale rise up inhale and exhale hands to commitment breath in reach up still moving and flowing exhale fold inhale half lift and once again plank pose lower yourself down inhale for the back bend exhale good job let's do this before we hit the other side bring yourself into forearm plank left forearm down right forearm down there we go this will grab your attention for a moment try not to use your hands right the hands can rest palms facing up nice and receptive the gifts of forearm plank keep those quads right your thigh muscles engaged neutral pelvis core muscles engaged the mind is fortified with yes please can we do forearm plank longer good job now walk back up onto your hands try to do this with control boom downward dog good left leg up don't worry we have more core to explore left foot forward find that space between your feet and then rise so steady the pose from the ground up as always soft bend tailbone down good work you can find a steady gaze with the arms high but then we're going to bring the hands to the chest start to twist to the left and extend the arms out nice very nice you can stay here because this is a wonderful wonderful twist or you can this is the way I like to enter it left hand on the hip so you keep the left hip pulling back reach long through the right arm extending the torso and the trunk of the body I guess those are two in the same pull the low belly in and hook the right elbow across the left thigh nice wedge it lock it in palms together breath a nice little sweat going it's awesome good work okay come back out shorten stance a tiny bit bring the arms up inhale hands to the waist just as a placeholder slide the right foot up enough to drop both feet down grounded all right in fact really drive heavy through the back heel push the hips back lift the chest lengthen the spine and fold to a degree where you're feeling it mostly in the hamstring I would imagine on the left side so you have to really gauge that what feels safe and necessary and kind of inspiring place for you to pause for a few breaths go that connection to the breath immediate benefit it has in releasing tension any anxiety take another breath before we hit the standing split and when you exhale exhale everything out and the next inhale is just pure gratitude so exhale breathe in gratitude yes a little bend in the left leg that left leg's gonna be a little tired as you come into this pose so prepare for that and out in front of the left foot or grabbing hold of that left foot and ankle and the right leg lifts and you fold safely over the left leg embrace the tension that muscular effort going on right the fatigue bring the right foot back down inhale to a nice strong spine stay here right leg straight twist open to the right left leg is bent good other side perfect doing great bring it back down open up to the right again I just find this to be such a satisfying movement that left hand comes back down rise up use your core use your core to rise rise rise rise rise and exhale hands to the heart let's keep on trucking inhale arms up exhale forward and down again breath in half lift and breath out maybe try jumping back so when you exhale bend the legs plant the palms jump back and maybe throw a little push up in and with that said I did say push up didn't I we're gonna do ten push ups now if push up is not your thing hang out on your forearms in a forearm plank or bring your knees down okay but I can't see you but I trust you are doing exactly what's best for you alright ten push ups starting now inhale down exhale up inhale exhale exhale four five six seven eight nine ten pause here breathe in breathe out halfway or all the way breathe in upward and breathe out downward close your eyes for a breath or two or three and downward dog and be happy with the choice you made even if you struggled right it is what it is you're working on it keep working on it you get stronger you do one you do two you do ten you do twenty then you notice how that strength affects you the way you look right the way you're able to carry yourself and your day-to-day activities this feels good right leg lifts breathe in step it to the front of the mat breathe out bend the back heel down or you're one so put a little whoo sweaty love it okay so back foot has a nice little angle on it comfortable stance arms reach up you take the right arm underneath the left eagle arms press the elbows strong together and this will add a little extra kind of strength in your upper back and shoulders little opening in the shoulders you can take it up and back a little bit if you'd like release take the arms high as you inhale and exhale the hands down to the hips again straight in the front leg I want you to keep the warrior one stance and even the position in the hips we're going to hit triangle but it's a little different than the wide open position alright so a little tiny bend in the right leg push the hips back like we did before in the pyramid reach the right arm through forward long lengthen the side body and bring the right fingertips to your shin ankle floor block whatever you've got and then turn open through the chest keep pulling the right hip back fight that urge to have the hips open give it a shot try use the bones of your feet to help build strength up through the legs smile okay now bend the right leg left hand on the hip okay stay with me more than anything stay with yourself and stay with a focal point for half moon right leg is going to start to feel it here so lift off the left leg I'm going to move back just a little bit so I'm not into the plant bring the right fingertips hover block floor you choose downward gaze side gaze or upward gaze upward gaze is probably going to be the more challenging left arm can rise high if you'd like strong energy through that left leg so the left leg can't just be dangling there you need it to be part of the unit being your body good job stay positive stay super positive through all of this all good left hand to the hip bend the right leg warrior to alright strong warrior to it's crazy how yoga can just like tap in to the muscles of your body like no other exercise still baffles me after all these years warrior to let's close our eyes for a few moments kind of work on that interconnection and it kind of takes warrior to to another level as far as balance reverse warrior reach up and back big breath in takes you there breath out hands kind of windmill to the mat step back into plank shoot the heels over to the left post up on the left arm side plank you bring your left knee down for some support that might feel kind of nice or lifted extended you could even take your hips and lower them a little bit as you lower them be mindful of your left shoulder lift your hips and reach up and you get a little side bend so I did you gave you the knee down the static and we'll do about five more up and downs one two choose your medicine three four five good job so thankful you want to know what for because we have the other side to do so fun heels over to the right side plank watch your wrist you can do this on your forearm you bring your knee down do similar movements right shoot the leg back if you'd like or drop the hip and lift the hip do five even though I think we did seven on the other side two three four good job five plank pose breathe in breathe out lower inhale you can always bypass that whole chaturanga scene if you'd like meet us and downward dog left leg lifts on the breath in warrior one back heel down arms reach up wipe the sweat from the eyes once you get set right usually we get here and we just reach the arms up but pay attention to how your feet are placed your legs your hips your spine your core you're doing great left arm under the right eagle wrap eagle bind you can also just give yourself a big hug find the modification for that steady through the breath sometimes you might notice my breath is a little out of whack multitasking here but I do know even as I'm teaching this thing with you if it gets a little heated little out of hand all I have to do is stop and pause and breathe release the arms reach the arms up breathe in breathe out hands to the hips same triangle pose we did before so it's a similar stance as warrior one straight slightly bent left leg reach long through the left arm let that also extend left waist and hip so you're not rounding down into it stay long keep your hips away they are in fact pull the left hip back and rotate open tree angle good work find your dristy find your breath your purpose the feel let everything else go bend the left leg right hand on the hip I'm going to move back just a little bit half moon lift the right leg up left fingertips toward the floor find your gazing point loosen unnecessary tension right arm can rise if you've fallen out of this once twice or three times already don't worry about it bend the left leg warrior to my back is to you but I'm actually going to change it around you stay where you are warrior to left foot through I just have to be able to see you I can't have my back to you it's terrible good straighten the front leg good point the toes both sets of toes in the same direction put a soft little bend in your knees and take a wide leg forward fold so I like to put a little bend push the hips back and fold forward and down great place to take a wrist stretch you can turn your hands upside down on the tops of your wrists we're going to be here for a few moments so if you want to explore a tripod headstand you can you haven't already I won't be doing the headstand with you but I will if you're not interested in the headstand we can work into a little crow pose okay so I change my direction you change your direction that works for you and with crow maybe you're new to it and you want to put a pillow out in front of you in case you fall forward that happens plant the palms really important to push those palms down and then pull them toward one another it helps to recruit more shoulder and chest muscle activity place the knees down by the elbows up by the triceps or by the shoulders good now lift up through the low belly squeeze tight and lift maybe one two three four five six seven eight feet I don't know push the arms straight hold tight to the core and down wide leg forward fold again bend the right leg turn the feet out a little bit you kind of bend from side to side a few times a little side lunge there's two ways you can do this right now there's this which is a little more supportive but if you want to get a little more quad and glute activation hands-free right you can take the arms out in front of you bend over to the right drop down make sure when you're coming back up and out of it you're driving through the heel of that foot that helps to trigger the glute nice just do two more always seems like an hour flies by one more one more right one more left good wide leg forward fold okay so I'm going to switch myself around left foot was through right forward now come into a little low runners lunge here step back into plank and into downward dog okay so we're all meeting downward dog look through to the front of the mat and maybe you can step or jump into a squat position I like to lift up on my fingertips for this gives me a little more space there's a little bend and a really soft landing and rise up and exhale staying with the theme of the legs okay this was advertised as like a dynamic flow so I'm trying to live up to that all right we're gonna throw a couple squats in so your feet this is hip width right something like that take them out a little bit wider than the hips turn the feet open hopefully your knees feel okay your ankles your back see what you can do arms reach out to help kind of balance but sit back like you're kind of going to the bathroom in the woods right it's like the best cue for this the arms reach out the spine stays neutral you feel your the connection to your heels drive through the heels squeeze the buttocks and your thighs when you come up and brace the core all right we'll do ten you can do as many as you'd like but we'll do ten together one two three little body squat four five six seven eight nine ten good back to the front of the mat if you moved keep the feet the way they are breathe in reach up breathe out squat pose plank pose lower up dog down dog okay a little more core right leg up right knee to the inside of the right arm ten times one you can do this with your left knee down two three four five six seven good eight nine ten pigeon you may have to enter this a little differently do what you can so basically from here we'll use pigeon as a little recovery okay so I just landed it here but if it took you a little while to get here or you choose to do pigeon on your back or seated go for it all right and take five breaths in your chosen pigeon pose keep the right knee nice and safe by flexing through the right foot you can roll your wrists if it's been a lot on the wrists focusing on more of the winds rather than the losses of your practice you know what you couldn't do or what's frustrating it's nice to acknowledge those areas because there's room to grow from them whether it's healing or getting stronger or more flexible try not to let any of it get you down just go up rise above all of that okay come out of there let's exit with a little core okay so curl the back toes lift the left knee try to lift that right leg up and then up into three-legged dog let's flip it right right foot bends flip it back behind you straighten out that left leg and push the hips up all it is really right we follow a little bit of a sequence but it's movement of the body awareness of the breath and you see what unfolds and happens bring it back over very nice right foot back down left leg up inhale ten times one exhale two remember the reward three is pigeon your version of it four hopefully that's a reward for you five six seven eight nine pigeon pigeon pigeon all right land in your pigeon your recovery pose pose it allows you to shake out the shoulders a bit allows you to rest the arms stretch the wrists okay this exit will be a little different we're gonna kick on over to the left seat unless you're already there and spin around okay up into a seated posture but we're gonna lose that for a moment and bring the feet out in front of you whether your heels are up or your feet are down legs are bent in like a nice little angle of choice bring the arms out in front so we'll warm into our core okay so first one would be bring your left arm back right hand to the left knee and you can use this as an opportunity to kind of get a little juicy twist okay you do this on the other side the other side and this might just be where your body asks you to stay for the duration really it's up to you okay but then we start to lean back just a little bit more and we just tap tap the right hand back reach the left arm through and while we're doing this it's our core that is supporting this rotational movement usually an exhale into the rotation if you can you can do it hands-free good and back to center hands either back behind you or up in front of you lean back like you're gonna come into boat pose and then you can stay maybe just in boat with your legs bent or straight or shoot the legs out and in for 15 14 13 12 you'll feel this in your thighs and your hip flexors but hopefully it's a nice balanced core ten nine eight seven six five four three two one feet back down lift the chest like you're sitting in like it's almost like a downward dog spine right and one more round five of the rotations five four four three three two two one one good lower down to your back for a moment okay bend the legs 90 degrees arms reach up okay this is you got to stay with me on this one here this one we can do it several different ways but for now it's like a brain exercise low ribs crush the floor you can feel this more when you lift your shoulders and head up off the mat okay extend your left leg straight out and your right arm back okay and then right leg left arm this is about core stability you can do this with your legs straight and you can even lift up a little bit higher lower your left leg and reach your right arm back you can go back to the bent leg if this is a little much five five four four good job three just keep your core engaged keep the trunk of your body to trunk of the body stable to one one draw the knees nice squeeze those knees in toward the body little circular motions send the left leg out right leg in keep the left leg lifted up off of the mat and extend the right leg and left leg in okay right leg is long and strong now you can go back and forth just like this head and shoulders down sweat in the eye that's a good thing I've been working good back and forth you can lift the head and shoulders again this just helps to recruit more and to stabilize hands free little Pilates style right or take the hands to the temples and left elbow right knee ten ten all the way down where we started or right here or another variation let's go seven seven six six five five four four feeling it feeling it yep yep hum almost done now take a deep breath good job if it weren't for time I would do much more of that I've been really into this whole core kind of play but open up into a bridge instead if right now you choose to do more core after the class go for it just feel like it's so rewarding in so many ways so bridge feet about hip width eyes working you can feel the waistline open up and expand and bridge so I'm personally I'm craving and I feel like maybe some of you might be craving it is a wheel okay so I'm gonna throw a wheel up you might also or you might come into a bridge or you might even do a little twist or something if you're done with bridge and you don't want to do a wheel those of you in wheel let's do it this has always been a hard pose for me but I feel like it's super rewarding for me to open up my chest and shoulders more so I pop up onto the head first with the fingertips pointing toward the shoulders aware of my low back in the position of my pelvis and then when I'm ready I blast off and I like to do this with the toe the heels up I can get a little more space and open up my shoulders just a wee bit more not concerned with what it looks like it's more about that feeling of opening up the whole front of the body good and then I'm kind of done you might be done lower down feel the spine just when she'll wiper your legs from side to side good work you know an hour is great you know 20 minutes is great I'm sure you can all attest to that you know you enter the put your mat lethargic grumpy achy 20 minutes in man and you just you're a changed person so important to move every day kick the hips over to the left extend your let's actually take both legs over to the right so both bent legs over to the right and extend the left arm out a little spinal twist releasing if your back's a little cranky or you need a little movement in the left shoulder it's really easy for me to offer this you know as much as I do teach and have taught over the years it's because I know through experience how valuable this this practice is you know just the movement alone go ahead and come over to the other side the movement alone is a game changer in the exercise world and you add all the other elements right that quality time taking good care of yourself reflective time contemplative time to focus on change possibly release letting go it's that reminder right that we just so brief and so the yoga practice helps to kind of like pull it in and recognize and acknowledge that it's a short amount of time we have and let's let's find a way to make the best best best of it know what isn't working for us and what works for us and that's my that's my spiel okay you come out of that we twist it a little bit let's come up to sit we'll face one another just for a moment maybe 10 breaths take a bound angle so we didn't do any seated poses I think it just might feel nice also that we can sort of connect like this okay you can stay here or you can fold forward this can be that sweet time right where you reflect on the practice or you just let your mind kind of wander and float use your way into a relaxation which thens thens which then kind of sends you into the rest of your day or evening one more two more clearing breaths breathe in and breathe it all out one more time breathe in and breathe it all out stay here in a seated meditation if you'd like or lie down on your back we'll be here for about two minutes two and a half minutes or so so you can join me you can you're in your space so you've got the ability to make it as comfortable as you'd like lie down as we enter this relaxation and close out shortly I just want to thank you again if it wasn't clear just taking the time out of your day you know to join me and us here but more than anything for yourself it's actually kind of a good time you know it's like in the middle of the day for a lot of us and it's like we go go go go go and to have the willingness and interest to stop and pause about strength let your whole body relax your whole body let go and relax this body is your home don't walk out on it that was nice about the yoga practice is that you know when you're walking out on it or you're neglecting not paying the attention it deserves so the awareness continue to lie down I'm gonna roll up to sit you can join me to sit if you'd like your eyes closed relax your shoulders just because I'm a little curious about the exact time to be totally honest with all of you I'm going to close now you may have longer with me I'll be sitting here but I just want to close out in a meaningful way for me to you at home wherever you are thank you so much for joining me here at yoga anytime and the rest of us from all around so namaste have a beautiful day message me if there's anything you had a question about all right peace


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So happy to see you back on Yoga Anytime! It’s a humid one today in Connecticut, and I almost didn’t practice because the air is so thick and I was dragging...opened the app and saw this previously live class was available to view and I took it as a sign to go for it 👍 Sooo glad I did - this really cleared the cobwebs for sure! 🔥🔥🔥
Robert Sidoti
So happy to see YOU Jenny - it's been a while!! Thanks for joining me and glad it cleared the cobwebs :)) There will be more released and I shoot live every Tuesday 1:30 est if you find yourself midday indoors looking for a practice - I'm just up North from you on Martha's Vineyard! Nice to be back in touch with you, see you soon! 
Zoe I
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I LOVED Rise To The Challenge! The perfect blend of spicy and sweet!
Leesa H
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I just got my husband to join me in yoga during this Covid time since he can’t go to the gym. We are Canadian seniors. . Love your practices.  Thank you. 
Scott M
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   My husband and I love your practice, strength with mobility. We like the one hour sessions, please keep those up.  Thank you!
Robert Sidoti
Awesome and great to hear Zoe !! Shooting live every Tuesday 1:30 eastern time or you can continue to practice the recorded offerings - so happy you’re hear!! Robert 
Robert Sidoti
Hi Leesa and husband from Canada!! I’m so grateful you’ve found me here and that you both are enjoying practicing together, what a sweet gift that is for you both (and me) ☺️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️ We shoot these Dynamic Flow classes every Tuesday at 1:30 eastern time in US - maybe I’ll see you guys live!! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Scott !! So happy these 1 hour practices are feeling good and working for you guys! There will a total of 8 one hour sessions of Dynamic Flow with me - we’ve shot 3 so far I believe. Practice LIVE with me every Tuesday 1:30 eastern time if you can, nice way to connect. Otherwise, they’ll all be added to the site. See you soon guys, Thanks for being here! 
Marisol R
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Love this practice !! Thank you so much Robert.
Robert Sidoti
LOVE your comment Marisol !! Thank YOU for being here! 
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