Vibrant Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Centered & Strong Flow

60 min - Practice


Explore finding internal strength, buoyancy, and lift from the deep center that will support you when feeling off-balance. The breath will be our ally as we journey through warming Sun Salutes, challenging the stabilizing muscles in the legs and outer hips in balancing poses, before closing in a restorative inversion. You will feel in touch with your stable center.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block

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Loved these variation focused on the center line and finishing with one of my all time favorite asana.
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Loved this practice, especially the mindful focus on the bandhas and inner lift! First time I've ever been able to lift into crow - even if only for a few seconds ! Namaste Rosemary and thank you
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I felt challenged by all the work on one leg before switching sides: this is something I've observed in myself as I get older (61). I need to move gently in and out of postures more. Long holds are often more challenging, depending on how warm I am. This is just FYI! I enjoyed the practice. One wonderful thing about this platform is that I can pause the video and do what I need to do. Love, love.
Hi Rosemary, really enjoying all the classes in this series....! This one had some nice balancing challenges for me & I loved your approach to some of the transitions - even managed them without coming a cropper 😊! Many thanks, as always! Cathy X

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful energy!! Namaste!
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Very nice flow, I must go back to episode one and check out the whole season.  I am new to the website and am really enjoying the different styles and transitions i've been learning.  Thanks!
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Magical Practice!! Thank you!!
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Thank you so very much for your continuos calm flow and inspiration. By far, my favorite Yoga Teacher. When I do Yoga with you, my soul, body and heart feel centered and grounded. Thank you thank you thank you! Namaste
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Thank you! Today the most surprising thing about this practice was that it went by so fast. I really appreciate you, Rosemary!
Thanks, Christel ! Do you mean shoulder stand- as one your all time favs? That's a rarity, I love hearing it. Enjoy and be well. 
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