Vibrant Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Paradise Flow

60 min - Practice


Move with compassion and a sense of adventure in this focused practice sequencing towards Bird of Paradise. Cultivate internal fire with preparatory core work, warm and stretch in Sun Salutes, and open and strengthen the hips and legs in standing poses, Lizard, and Yogi Squat (Malasana), before slowly and mindfully playing towards our peak pose. You will feel nourished and joyful inside and out.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Just what I needed! A fun Friday flow :) Thank you Rosemary!
Thanks, Monica ! So glad it hit the sweet spot! Be well. 
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Lovely to be practicing with you again, dear Rosemary Garrison !! (Re. getting into BofP: I have discovered that a block placed under the foot of the leg that is being raised allows me to get into it much more easily. It's that first 4 inch elevation that are sooo difficult for me!)
Lovely to know you are practicing with me again, dear Kate ! Agreed on the block, thank you for sharing that. It's been ages since I've tried that, such a helpful reminder! I hope you are well. 
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Thank you for a nice flow. 
I have a question. For someone that hasn't tried before the bird of paradise should just stay to the low poses? And eventually, keep going?  Or go all the way to see how it feels? 
And Rosemary I love your classes the way you explain and the option you offer are helpful.
Thanks for the feedback and question, Jenny P . I would say go slowly through all of the preparatory poses and pause when you feel you're at your edge. If your body feels good in each stage, carry on. You may find yourself in bird of paradise! If not, just continue with the process and eventually the full pose will unfold. Enjoy!
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Loved this class! Bird of Paradise is a work in progress, but I have so much progress the last few weeks. 
Yay, David G- ! It's all about being right where you are. That's the pose- whatever shape your body is in, that's the pose. Enjoy!
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Well, this was awesome. Thank you!
Yay! Thank you, Lori 
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