Vibrant Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Taking Flight

60 min - Practice


Take flight in this spicier practice cultivating inner freedom. Lose yourself in the flow of Sun Salutes, explore range of movement through Garudasana and twisted lunges, soar your Eagle into Warrior 3, and challenge yourself in standing poses with optional binds. Play in Headstand, and close out in a seated meditation holding Garuda mudra. You will feel light and free.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you!

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Lovely enriching flow, gentle enough on this heated day. Appreciated the meditative moments. Namaste.
You're welcome, federica ! Thanks for joining us. Be well. 
Thank you, Christel . So beautifully said. I'm happy to hear you found meditative moments... oh so needed these days. Be well. 
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What a lovely practice. Thank you!
Thank you, Catherine ! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Be well. 
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Thank you! That opening in the upper body was just what I needed along with the sitting with what is here. Take care.
You're so welcome, Renee ! I'm glad it felt good on the physical and the energetic. We need it all. Be well. 
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This was a wonderful flow.  I really liked your guidance through eagle.  I felt it!  Thank you Rosemary:)
I'm so glad it was helpful! Thank you, Jennifer ! Be well and continue to enjoy the flow. 
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