Soulful Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 2

Strong Warrior Flow

60 min - Practice


Find strength and stability in this grounding flow practice. Allow the earth to support you through moving meditation in Sun Salutes, strong Warrior flows, and standing postures with longer holds, inviting spaciousness and stillness into the moments between. You will feel balanced, rooted, and at ease.
What You'll Need: Mat

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What a yummy and perfect after-work practice! I have grown to love your practices and I'm always excited when you have a new one! Your wonderful calming energy is a welcome contribution to my practice and life :)
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Perfect way to start the day! Always love your classes, Sarah! Thank you!!
Thank you so much for sharing, Emily! That means so much to hear and I am really happy that we get to share in the practices of yoga here on Yoga Anytime—what a gift! Please keep me posted on your yoga journey. Sending love from California, Sarah
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Hi Jennifer! I'm so happy to be practicing together and thanks so much for reaching out. I love your dog—what's his/her name? Sending love from me and my dog Sadie! xo 
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Sarah Beston Thank you so much! Her name is Hennessy.  My sister got me a shirt for holidays that says "Dogs and Yoga Make Me Happy". Sums it up! :) Hugs to you and Sadie!  xo
Hi Sarah,  I am so excited about your new season. This was a perfect practice to get focused on putting together a talk on Gratitude and Generosity. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you🙏🥰
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So happy to be practicing with you, Mary Jane! Stay close and let me know how this season is for you. Much gratitude and warmth, Sarah
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This is such a treat to have a new series of your flow practices. Thank you Sarah, this is such a key part of my wellbeing.
I am so touched to hear that, Ali! I feel so lucky to be a part of this special community and am so happy that we can share in Yoga together. Warmly, Sarah
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I was on my feet in the kitchen for most of the afternoon (Canadian Thanksgiving meal prep!) and this felt sooooo good after. Thank you, Sarah Beston !!
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