Guided by Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Riding Waves of Breath

60 min - Practice


Let the breath speak it’s language to the body. Deepen into the breath through non-linear movement exploring spinal mobility, challenging balance and stability in dynamic standing postures, finding space in Bridge, twists, and forward folds, and adding a little spicy core work before settling into Savasana. You will feel expansive and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Sadia, the language that you use is so beautiful, but so meaningful. It is like poetry. I love that you are helping make breath and movement into a personal art form, rather than a prescribed and pre-determined series of shapes. I will continue to play with breath and movement through my day.
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Ali Thank you so very much for these kind words. Am thrilled that you received what I wanted to transmit— the joy of leaning into the reality of your own bodily experience. It’s  been so liberating for me in so many ways, and so I share in that spirit... Hope you’ll join again next week! Much love.   
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I agree totally with Ali ! The language you choose to use for cueing resonates deeply. Your words take familiar postures to another level. Very beautiful practice. Namaste : )
Thank you that was just great! The thought that you have given to guiding this sequence really shows through and is much appreciated xx
Such a beautiful practice thank you x
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I started this last night, but, no regrets,  it was my turn to cook dinner. If I were a hippie I would say this is groovy, but as a cyclist I am more apt to say that was a freaking good ride, and we cyclists need to move in a non-linear way. 

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the release in my thoracic area and shoulders was awesome. Almost emotional. i adore this series xxx
Dear Amanda, I’m thrilled that moving with me moved you— truly. Thank you for your kindness in sharing!

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