Guided by Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Opening to Breath

60 min - Practice


Let the breath enliven and illuminate whatever you find within. Sadia leads us through a mindful and dynamic practice opening the front and sides of the body to invite in more space for the breath. Experience lightness amidst effort in more challenging poses, and find peace in Savasana. You will feel settled and supported.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Thank you Sadia. I love the freedom to explore the breath and the movement as it is for my body at this moment. It seems obvious once you have said it, but it is a revelation. I will most definitely take this awareness and this freedom into the rest of my day.
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Hi Sadia,
Many thanks for another lovely session Sadia, very grounding and just now feel slowed down enough to take the day as it comes!
Have a beautifulday yourself
loveandpeacexxx< /div>
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That was delicious. Your voice is so grounded, warm, soothing. I love finding you here on yoga anytime. I'm very grateful for your offerings here. Thank you. 
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A powerful, deep immersion into breath-based movement. Coming home.  Love.
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Thank you. Your voice is amazing and your anatomical cues are great.

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Thank you for a beautiful practice, I'll remember the phrase, "spacious exploration." Exactly what I needed today. 
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I agree with all the sentiments above. Each practice feels like a gift to my body. 

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