Guided by Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Awakening to Breath

60 min - Practice


Awaken to the breath in order to meet life’s challenges with grace, ease, and strength. Sadia leads us in a hip-focused practice exploring core engagement, challenging standing postures, and strong linear shapes while remaining supple and curious. You will feel steady and receptive.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Dear Sadia, I look forward to your class each week...your lighthearted style puts a perma-smile on my face and with that I ease on through the practice. Times are heavy these days for sure, but Guided By Breath is a bright spot - Namaste 🙏🏻
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Dear Sadia, I want to memorise your brilliant phrases. Like letting the body learn the language of the breath. I love that. Thank you.
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Sadia, I enjoyed the emphasis on body awareness and exploring sensation.  I also loved the language you used throughout the practice.  The standing pose sequence was a challenge as my legs fatigued and I lost my balance, but it was a good challenge.  :  )
Sadia, this was super fun. I cracked up with the goddess pose, belly and head asana. Definitely concur with you about the kinesthetic memory of pose. I agree with Holly: the balance poses were challenging. Love the improvisation you bring to our mats. 

My dog Lucca gets upset at me when I am too linear with our walks (we are both being pulled by Siena, a golden/sheltie mix with crazy energy). I have to let him off leash so he can move the way he wants. Seems like I do too. 

Hope you have (or had) a great holiday season. 


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