Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 4

Stability and Expansion

60 min - Practice


Engage and stabilize your center in order to feel openness and freedom in the rest of the body. Start in a core warming and strengthening sequence, expanding into standing poses that challenge the legs while staying connected to the stable midline. Cool back down with seated and supine stretches before experiencing the cleared lens of the mind in Savasana. You will feel spacious and secure.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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‘Awesome Human Pose’ - love it! Loving this new series. Thank you Robert!
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Hola Roberto,
It surely was, (is and will continue to be! ) precious!
Thank you
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Loving all that core work.
Thanks Eric !! Human pose makes sense to me - And I too am enjoying this series, grateful to be able to offer it! 
Hola Michelle :)) So So precious, happy you feel the same! Thanks for practicing here - where in this world do you live? Nice to have a sense of where people are :) 
I too am loving the core work Christel !! It's always got that 'hurt so good' kind of sensation! 

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