Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 5

Inner Motivation Flow

60 min - Practice


Yoga practice, not yoga perfect. Join Robert for a spicy, all-around dynamic practice to bring in a sense of satisfaction with self. Begin setting an intention to keep you motivated and focused, then move into warming Sun Salutes, back and core activating sequences, standing flows to challenge stability, balance and hip mobility drills, and close in lengthening recovery poses. You will feel strong and accomplished.
What You'll Need: Mat

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We’ve been doing your practices for a long time and we would say this has been the hardest. 
Your Canadian friends, Don and LEESA 👍😁
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Holy Macaroni! Those knee raises back into half moon - hard work but so worth it. Thanks Rob!
Oh my God, amazing class, even if I wasn’t able to finish it! Maybe nexo time ;) Thats the beauty of online classes, there is always a Second chance hahaha
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Thank you for this ...and for your open words. This is a good Question for my class

Hello my beautiful Canadian friends Don and Leesa !! I apologize for it being difficult (not really actually, haha) Hope you were able to find some join within the challenge and effort and maybe feel some rewards afterward :)) Thanks for being here and sharing your experience!! 
Oh man Eric  - I hear you on the knee raises into half moon. I felt super sore in the best way the following day, love it! 
Hey there Ana Luiza  !! Thanks for sharing here! Yes, the beauty of online is you can keep coming back over and over and work on the bits that were challenging, improving over time! Was it because it was too difficult, or a time constraint? Lmk how or if I can ever assist! 
Hi Heike !! So grateful and happy to see your comment here!! How are you? What specific words do are you referring to? Either way, I'm happy they landed within you and you want to share :) 
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Want to revisit this one!  A good challenging practice, I love the balance work!  
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I've enjoyed this class interspersed with core work. I found the warrior 3 with fingers touching the ground really challenging. I like the idea of linking an intention with the breath (I am ___). Great!
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