Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 1

Vinyasa Core Restore Flow

60 min - Practice


Explore the landscape of you in this slower, mindful flow incorporating Warrior dance, holds in standing poses to free the side body, and hip openers. We move into concentrated core work, and then close out in some restorative Yin poses. You will feel strong and open.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sep 09, 2020
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Looking forward to more of your season 2. From your Canadian friends. 
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Happy Season 2! This opening episode was chock-full of many of my favorite asanas (2 sets of triangle 👏) and felt so good. Nothing like long juicy side bends to clear out the cobwebs. Even the abdominal work felt good, lol. Glad you’ll be here with us for the next couple of months during what is sure to be “interesting” times in our world 🌎❤️
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great there's a season 2 Robert...fantastic warm up to a great practice in this episode, cheers, Paul.
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So enjoyed this, Robert. Just my speed with slower, more mindful movements, strengthening, opening, and a yin-like ending. Blessings! Greetings from Berlin!
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Awesome Practice Rob! So nice to be on my mat practicing with you again! Namaste! 🙏
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Wow, that canoe pose at the end took me by surprise!  So glad there’s a season 2.  Season 1 helped me get through the summer and I’m so looking forward to this for the fall.  
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YESSS! Season 2 BRING IT ON! Great to have you back Robert, great to be here. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Hey there my Canadian friend Leesa :)) I too am looking forward to showing up and offering these practices, sharing with you all what I believe to be very valuable way to spend an hour :) 
Hello my friend Jenny !! Welcome and thank you for being with us all here on Season 2!! I'm grateful to be offering these practices from my home, especially during this odd time we all find ourselves in. So here's to more and more triangle pose and abdominal work AND to 7 more 1 hour practices to draw ourselves closer and closer back home to ourselves! 
Yes Paul !! We have a full season of lots of good and healthy movements to keep us all feeling strong and flexible in our minds and bodies!! 
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