30 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 6 - Episode 6

Cleansing Flow

30 min - Practice


Cleanse and rejuvenate with this lively twisty flow. We move through Sun Salute variations and standing sequences to find length, work out the sticky areas of the body, and flush out the internal organs. Lydia also offers arm balances and Wheel pose to challenge stability and strength.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Dec 14, 2020
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Lydia breathes new life and twists to traditional poses.  Definitely a teacher and video to bookmark for revisiting.
Positwisting perfect. TY
Robert R Robert R Thank you so much Robert! I'm honoured. Warmth! Lydia 
Lauri K Oh yay! Warmth to you this holiday Lauri. Lydia 
♥️♥️♥️ excellent class! Thank you!
Erin S You are so welcome Erin! Happy holidays to you and yours. Warmth, Lydia 
Muy buena practica!!! muchas gracias.
Carmen S. De nada! Lydia 
Very sweet practice today! Love. Thank you, Lydia!
Kate M Oh so glad you love this one Kate! Much love from a snowy spring morning here in the Canadian Rockies! Lydia 
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