Discover Arm Balancing Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Flying Splits Tutorial

5 min - Tutorial


In this short tutorial we play with a supported transition from Fallen Triangle towards Eka Pada Koundinyasana (Flying Splits).
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)


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Hi and welcome back. So this tutorial will be on Ekapada Kondinyasana and its transition from one of the poses that we've already seen fall in triangle. So it's a really fun transition and it's all supported. So it's most definitely this exploratory process as you continue on your journey of arm balancing. So for today's tutorial you need two blocks and a blanket and you'll set them up the same way that we've been setting them up which is really great practice because you can see how versatile the same prop setup is. You'll take your folded blanket and bring it right on top of your two blocks. You'll take the left side of your hip and place it in the center of your block and you may need to adjust as you move into this okay. So keep your knees bent because you'll be taking your left leg forward. So first I just want to look at my arm, spin my left bicep forward and root down through my index finger and thumb. From there I'll straighten my right leg, take my left knee pull it in towards my chest a little bit more, straighten the leg and reach the arm up. So we've been here before right. Now we're going to add another arm balance to this. So it's the same exact shape but we're going to add this element that we've seen over and over again spinning the ribs down okay. There's a little adjustment so be graceful in the way that you approach it. So I'm going to take my right hand, start to bring my right hand down towards the floor, spin the ribs down towards the floor and you might bend your knee a little bit to transition to your more on your IT bend. Then place the palms down as you lift your back leg up, press the feet apart and bend your elbows. When you're ready to come out, straighten your elbows, bend your legs, place your feet down onto the floor and we'll transition to the other side. So I'm going to move over, shift my blocks over, take the right side of my hip to the blanket, set my right arm down. Okay the knees are going to stay bent for this one. Then from here I'm going to straighten my left leg, pull the right knee in a little bit more, straighten the right leg. Then from there lift your left arm up, fall in triangle. Then we add our new arm balance called Ekapada Kondinyasana 1. So from here spin the ribs down towards the floor and place your hands about shoulder width apart. The back leg might get lighter as you do this, let it come up at any time. Once you're there if you need to shift a little bit you'll make that adjustment then press the feet away, bend the elbow, straighten your arms, bend your legs, lower your feet to the floor and come out. So one of the things that makes this transition super supportive is the fact that you have the blanket and the blocks underneath your hips and another thing that I love about it is that in the arm balance generally there's this really deep twist where we have to have this bind between the elbow and the thigh and with this setup you don't have to. So it gives us more space to play, to be creative as we're not only practicing arm balances but progressing these transitions.


Jenny S
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So much fun to experience this pose that has been inaccessible to me until now ­čÖî
Lauri K
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EnJoying all the side plank varieties. Ty. Using props has helped me gain confidence, knowledge, and feel vivacious.
That's awesome Jenny S It's one of my absolute favorite approaches to it!!
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That's wonderful Lauri K Which one is your favorite so far?  And yes!! Props definitely help to boost your confidence and knowledge and I particularly like how they make you feel vivacious. Me as well!!
Lumi P
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Super nice! I love it when teachers demonstrate the 2nd side in tutorials :)

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