Gentle Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Spacious Hips

45 min - Practice


Alana leads a practice to help us find space and mobility in our hips. We begin articulating the spine in supine Cat Cow rolls, move into seated twists and side body opening, explore the hip joints in standing poses, and combine the elements of our practice into a gentle Tree Pose. You will feel stable and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap

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Feb 11, 2021
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These days are long and movement is short but the practice gets me ready for the day. Thank you 
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Practicing with you, looking out my window at the snowy winter wonderland, doing tree while gazing at the trees and all the birds...aaaah. I could do this all day 🌲thank you 🙏🏻
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YUMMY!!! This was so lovely! I have knee surgery today and this was a great way to relax and breathe. Thank you. So much gratitude. xoxo
Sara S, Yes you're right on... I know the feeling. I find that a little movement and practicing always helps and increases my capacity (and efficiency) during the day. Thank you for being here and joining us in Yoga! XoA
Jenny S, What a winter wonderland! I am vicariously there with you... gazing at the white landscape... the trees and birds. It feels magical. Again, thank for sharing so generously and for your loving and supportive presence. With love and gratitude, Alana 
Fern S... So happy and grateful to feel your presence here. I hope your knee surgery is successful and ultimately brings greater relief and freedom. Holding you in my heart. Stay close and keep me posted on your recovery. Breathing with YOU, love. XoA
Hi, Alana! Thank you very much for making me this cold and snowy winter day nicer with your practice! Kind regards!
Hi Sandra Ž, So glad you enjoyed this spacious hip practice. Thank you for joining me in Yoga! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Warmly, Alana 
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Loved this. Just what I need to release all of my tension. Thank you💕
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I've really enjoyed your class, especially the "butterfly variation poses on the back. Hips are happy!
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