Gentle Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 4

Stretch Your Back

45 min - Practice


Find relief and increase mobility in the back body in this gentle and effective stretching class. After we warm the spine and the core, we use the strap to help find opening in the hamstrings and IT bands, explore back bending in Salabhasana, move fluidly through lunges finding space in the legs, and release the hips and back in Supine Figure 4 stretch. You will feel open and settled.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)

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Feb 18, 2021
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This practice has become a mini-vacation from the cold, barren (albeit beautiful) winter landscape of the east coast to the sound of the crashing waves and summer like quality of Southern California 🌊🌞. Your cheery way of guiding us through these nurturing postures, completes the all-inclusive resort vibe - all that’s missing are the drinks with paper umbrellas!🍹⛱
Jenny S, Once again your comment has brought a big warm big to my face. Maybe we should retitle this practice, "all-inclusive resort vibe" or "gentle mini-vacation" LOL! Thank you for traveling all this way to be together in Yoga, snow, rain, or shine. Your presence is a gift. Love, Alana 
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LOL Alana!  You know, this could be a whole new SHOW idea! “Tropical Island Yoga Retreat (BYOB)” 🍍🍹🧘🏻‍♂️🏖🏝🐠
Jenny S Love it! Xo
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I am loving all these so much!! I was able to do my first class today since my surgery :))) I had to make a few modifications but it felt so wonderful to move slow like this. Thank you!! xoxoxoxox
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I'm saving this episode for weekly repetition.  The focus on back and spine while stretching the entire body works very effectively for me.  Thank you for designing and offering this practice.
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Yes!  This was perfecto!  You are amazing... thank you!
This was great! Thanks, Alana! Big hug and kind regards!
Fern S, I am so happy to hear this!! I've been thinking you and your knee surgery. You are amazing for easing into your yoga practice slowly and modifying.  Wishing you a full and successful recovery. So much love, Xoxo Alana  
HI Angela D, I am so glad that this back relief practice is working well for you. I personally love this routine and return to it almost daily as my "go-to". So happy to be practicing together. Enjoy! Warmly, Alana  
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