Gentle Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 2

Fluid Spine

45 min - Practice


Alana leads a class exploring spinal movement and mobility helping us find fluidity and awareness through the entire spine. We warm up the core muscles and release tissue around the back of the heart and shoulder blades, explore spinal waves and undulations, use the strength of the back body to find gentle moments of heart opening, and create openness and release through the neck and shoulders. You will feel soft and easeful.
What You'll Need: Blanket, Strap

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Feb 04, 2021
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Alana ❤️! What a wonderful treat to see you back in the beautiful Yoga Anytime studio! I forgot just how soothing the sight and sound of the Pacific Ocean can be. This practice felt like getting a much-needed hug from a loved one who has been gone for long time.
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Thank you Alana, for offering a season 2 of Gentle Yoga.  As a 70+ senior with a new artificial knee and working hard to maintain erect posture and healthy spine, these relaxed pace gentler movements are extremely helpful.
Thank you, Jenny S! Yes, the waves were wild and loud during the filming of Gentle Yoga. So happy that you enjoyed this practice. I feel your warmth, love, and presence. Sending love. XoA
Angela D, Thank you for being here! So lovely to hear that the relaxed pace and gentle movements are feeling just right for you.  Love, Alana 
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Oh Alana! This was such a yummy class! I loved the all the variations of cat and cow especially the windshield wiper one! I love your presence so much. Thank you. xoxoxoxoxoxo 
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Alana - Thank you for this and all of your practices.  For years I avoided practicing yoga, always believing it didn't suit my very active personality.  During this pandemic, a friend of mine introduced me to yogaanytime and suggested that I follow you.  From the first video, I enjoyed the release, comfort and opening of every practice.  Thank you for helping me realize that yoga is a positive, helpful, strengthening addition to my fitness regime. 
Beautiful practice, Alana! Thank you very much for starting a new season with us! Kind regards!
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perfect :))
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Love this practice.  The slow movements and stretches are just what I need.
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