20-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 5

Endurance Flow

20 min - Practice


Robert guides an invigorating class to challenge your endurance, stability, and balance. We open and warm the body, flip the perspective in Fallen Angel, fire up the core, and sharpen the focus in a balancing series. We move to the floor for core work and shoulder opening, before settling into a soft seat. You will feel strong, steady, and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat

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By far, one of the best flows I have practised.  I was sitting in my chair, about to watch my second movie of the evening. But something urged me to close the tab and open yoga anytime. I am really thankful that this video popped up as a recommendation. 
Sending through a lot of gratitude from Sydney. 
Hello there Jemina S !!! I'm so happy to hear this - I was just at my computer and saw this lovely comment come through from you - had to reply and say hi!! I'm so glad you hopped out of your chair and onto your mat! Sending big hug and love to you and Sydney!! 
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Loved this sequence,Robert Sidoti ! Another little gem...  : )
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I loved this flow! Thank you so much! Sometimes you just have 20 or 30 minutes and this was awesome!❤️
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Love this strong short flow—got it in while my dinner is cooking. Thank you 🙏🏻☮️
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This really hit the spot. I was feeling so tired and low energy after a few hours of Sunday morning with my little kids, and needed the yoga practice I had intended to do but felt no energy to pursue anymore. Then I convinced myself to do a 20 min practice - "Energize your day" - and afterwards went straight to this one. NOW, I feel like even more, so will explore some yin on my mat. But thank you, Robert Sidoti, for the chill and challenging sessions. It's always so doable and smooth. I am awake and I feel strong and stretched out, ready to keep enjoying my weekend and family time. Gratitude!~
Great practice to start a day! Thanks, Robert! Kind regards!
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Another lovely flowing practice to beat those Lockdown blues in Melbourne. Thanks Robert for sharing the love. Namaste.
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I also really loved this flow!! one of the practices I have done through online courses!! ❤️
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love an early morning 20 minute practice :))
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