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Season 3 - Episode 6

Core-Focused Flow

20 min - Practice


Robert guides a core-focused class to leave you feeling strong and energized. We start supine warming into the abdominals, flow into Sun Salutes, and challenge the core stabilization in balance poses, before returning to the floor to close in back bends.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Excellent fiery cleansing practice! I normally go 😱 when I see the word “core” but for some reason I went for it and actually enjoyed this, sweat and all. I think it’s your laid-back yet positive encouragement that makes your core practices doable for me. Thanks Robert! 🔥🥵🙏🏻
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Perfect sequence for a morning core workout/ stretch before a walk with a friend. Namaste 🙏 peace and gratitude!
Great practice! Thanks, Robert!i
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I felt the fire in my boiler room as my core was given a workout. Perfect way to start the day and get my creative juices flowing. Thanks Robert.
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lovely to see the series unfolding. nice energy linking the variations. great to have more 20 min options too. much appreciated.
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Im such a big fan of yours Robert..you are a legend in yoga teaching..thankyou so much for the new season
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Thanks Robert.  Your easy going "Matter of fact" style has really helped me to regain strength, stability and confidence.  Another great class.
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I pushed play! Even when I saw the word CORE!!! Thanks for this class, Robert : )
Peace and gratitude right back at you Anda S  :)) Thank you for being here! 
You are welcome Sandra Židan !! I appreciate you and your positive comments here! 
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