20-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 2

Feel Good Yoga Workout

20 min - Practice


Invigorate your day with this “workout” style class. Robert leads us through challenging squat flows, dynamic standing poses to charge up the legs, and core-stoking sequences that will raise your heart-rate and leave you feeling strong, open, and energized.
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Hey there, welcome to yoga anytime and welcome to this yoga workout. That's what I'm calling it. It's going to feel like a workout, but we still want to be mindful with how we move. All right. But a lot of it will feel like a kind of traditional workout.

Um, it's one of my favorite ways to offer this type of practice because I like to feel strong and I like to sweat a little bit. So let's see how it feels for you. All right. So we're going to start at the front of the mat. And as we start at the front of the mat, I just want to, you know, give that, that strong reminder to modify, adjust, take good care.

If you feel like, you know, the squat isn't for you or plank. All right. So I'm trusting you're going to do that. So we're going to start with the feet out toward the edge of the mat, turn your toes off so you have that like 45 degree kind of squat angle. Okay.

Now my one cue with the squats is if you feel like you need to lift your heels for more range of motion or, you know, to protect some ankle or knee issue, then do that. Okay. Otherwise keep the heels down. Let's start with the arms down for just a couple of moments here as we settle in. I think when practices are, you know, even more difficult and they really require some effort on your part.

It's nice to have some purpose. It's always nice to have intention, but is there a purpose you can bring to this so that when you start to get a little bit fatigued, that purpose and kind of intention can drive you through. If you've got that, let's put a stamp on it with a breath. So breathe in, reach the arms high overhead, exhale, seal that intention. We'll start with the first round.

Nice and slow. Inhale, the arms high, exhale, squat down. Feel it out. Okay. We're not doing any up dogs for this one.

It's a pushup. So bring the hands down and walk back into plank pose for the first one. I'm going to have you do is bring the knees down and let's do a little pushup. Inhale down, exhale, push up. And as you're pushing up, step the right foot up to where it was, lift the back knee, open up the hip a little bit on that right side.

And then you're going to on your exhale, step your left foot back into a low squat, engage the core and rise. That's half of one. Inhale the arms overhead, exhale, squat on down, plant the palms, plank pose. Let's do those knees again. So it's when you're pushing up is when you transfer the foot forward.

So inhale, lower down, exhale, pushup, step up, curl the back toes, lift the right knee, wiggle around in the hip for a sec, right? We don't want to jump too fast into these areas. You deserve a little attention on the exhale, engage the core, step the right foot up, sit, engage, rise, okay? Two more full rounds, but with a little more inhale, the arms high, exhale, squat, jump or walk back into plank, low, pushup into right foot forward. Pause here, inhale, exhale, left foot forward, squat, rise, good, inhale.

Now we'll step the left foot forward. Lower down into squat, step or jump into your plank, lower, push and blast up, left foot forward, pause, inhale, exhale, right foot, squat, rise, strong. One more, inhale, exhale, plank, low, pushup, right foot forward, nice. On the exhale, left foot forward, squat, rise, inhale, arms up, exhale down, plank, pushup, left foot forward, right foot forward, squat, rise, nice. Now we're going to move in, now that we have a little elevated heart rate, we're going to go into three rounds of 10 squats, right, after the squats, we go right down into, it's like a 10 second mountain climber plank, then we come back up, do the squats, plank, squats, plank, move on, heart rate, right?

You want to get that heart rate up a little bit, good form, lower yourself down, inhale the arms forward, exhale up, two, bracing the core, three. Try not to round your back, four, five, six. Drive through your heels on the way up, seven, eight, nine, okay. Now your rest is transitioning down into squat and back into plank. So let's go five on each side.

So one, one, two, two, three, three, four, four, five, five, downward dog, reset, squat again, step up, step up, boom, rise, there's one, two, three, keep good form, again, lower. When you're lowering, keep your upper body nice and tall, five, six, seven, exhale, eight, nine, 10 squat plank pose. This time five on each side. So five, four, three, two, oh, I meant to add five on there, five, four, my bad, three, two, one, downward dog, whoo, all right. Look forward, step the left foot, right foot, squat, rise, one, two, three, four, five, exhale up, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, squat down.

Same thing. So it's actually 10 on each side. Okay. So let's go. So it's 10, nine, eight, seven, run it out, six, five, four, three, two, one, downward dog.

Good work, with it, good work. Couple of deep breaths here, long exhalations, bring the knees down, cat-cow, inhale, cow pose, exhale, cat, two more, just to settle the heart rate a little bit. One more time, exhale, take your left foot back, keep your right knee down, left foot back, slide it over, ground it, kick the right foot over a little bit, post up on that right arm, left arm high, take the left arm now and stretch it overhead. Feel free to lift your right knee if you're feeling a little ambitious, lift that right knee a little higher towards your right elbow, good, switch it up. Right foot back, ground it, left knee is down for some support, right below your hip, left foot over for balance, right arm high, side stretch.

Push into the left hand, right foot, lift that left knee, draw that left knee towards your left elbow, options, good, bring the knee down, plank or not plank, no more planks, downward dog as a transition, okay? Right foot goes all the way up to the front of the mat, wide leg forward fold, so now a nice little stretchy moment here, okay? Wide leg forward fold, hips over the ankles, long spine to begin, breathe in and exhale, stay here or fold forward, prepping for more leg strength here, we're going to move into the right, so turn your right toes specifically open like 45 degrees. Now track your right knee in the direction of your right ankle, okay? Keep the body up, now this is your low point unless you want to go lower or you don't want to go as low.

When you come into this point here, bring the arms out, wow, almost like a martial art sort of thing, right? On your exhale, straighten, bring the arms down, five of these, inhale, exhale, one more time, stay here, wow, and boom, now try to with control, spin around, bring the left knee down into low lunge, point the back toes back, rise up with the arms, a little moment to restore, hands down, other side, so curl, transition through the wide position, if you like to stay here, do so, pause the vid, otherwise turn the left toes open, body up, good form, knee health, okay? So bend into the left knee, body stays upright, those arms out, pushing through your left heel, straighten the left leg, inhale, and exhale, inhale, and exhale, inhale, exhale, one more time, get those arms nice and wide, it's like a powerful deep warrior too, right? Now back up, low lunge, spin the back heel up, right hip squares with the left, bring the right knee down, low lunge, nice, okay, hands down, curl the back toes, lift the right knee, wide leg forward, fold, don't get too cozy, bend the knees, hands on the thighs, rise up, okay, 10 goddess squats in total, right arm underneath the left, eagle arms, right palm pressing against left palm, okay, scoop the tailbone down a little bit, engage the core, inhale, lower, exhale, again push through those heels, inhale, lower, exhale, let me move my arms so I can see you there, exhale three, exhale four, exhale five, undo the arms, left arm under the right this time, wiggle in there, okay, move the arms this way so I can see you, inhale, and exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, stand strong, lower inhale, rise, exhale, and exhale, undo the arms, turn your right foot forward, take a little reverse warrior, reach up and back, exhale the hands down to the mat, downward facing dog, a couple deep breaths here, long exhalations to ground you, okay, from here lift the right leg up and send it into pigeon pose, front of the mat, right foot or right leg, okay, find your angle, the right shin bone, activate that right foot and in this one here why don't we stay upright, all right, so it's more of a strength based pigeon pose, hips are square, push into the outer edge of the right knee, down into the mat and you might feel this activation in that outer right hip and glute area and if you want with that activation lean forward just a little bit so you have some strength and stability happening, knee is safe, breath is moving, let's try it on the other side, so take the right leg, lift it back up just for a moment and set it back down, left leg, so use all that core awareness and body kind of mobility to sweep the left foot or left leg forward into pigeon, keep the back foot kind of curled under and again not just like collapsing into it, stay upright on the fingertips, push into the outer edge of your left knee, so it's pressing down into the mat and that's almost like you're trying to keep yourself lifted, activation rather than just full stretch, you can push your right heel back for a little extra hip opening in there, one more breath because we can, this time we're not going to send the left leg up right, all you're going to do is kick over to the left hip, sweep that right leg around and we're going to roll down to our back, hug your knees in to your beautiful body, okay, let's get a little core work in here, so what I want you to do is rock up to sit, what we're going to do here, they're called V sits, that's how I know them, you're going to lift up into a little boat pose, so kind of like a chill boat, you're going to roll down into a canoe, like a low boat, so you're staying strong on the low back, push down and exhale back in, 10 of these, 2, 3, lower abdominals working, 4, 5, keep your feet active, legs strong, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, now lower into low boat for 5, 4, shoulders lifting, head in line with the spine, 3, legs strong, 2, draw the knees into your body, good job, now extend your right leg out, left leg stays in, hands behind the head to support not to yank on your neck, try to keep your elbows wide, you can even take the fingertips to your temples, okay, so it's not like a yanking of the neck, lift the shoulders up on the exhale and rotate a little bit, now switch, 19, good, 18, 17, 16, good job, 15, 14, 13, did I say 20, 11, good, 10, stay with it, 9, 8, 7, 6, great, 5, 4, feel on the burn, 3, 2, and 1, extra, release, a couple windshield wipers from side to side to loosen up the hips, the back, last one, alright, it's 10 times, so 5 on each side, this time stretch your legs out, stretch your arms out, now the move here is as you bend your right leg in, lift your upper body up and try to clap your hands behind your right hamstring, so it's like so, 1, 1, I'm gonna move up a little bit, 2, 2, a little control, 3, a little momentum, 3, a little burn, 4, 4, 5, I should have done this one first, 5, good, it just feels good to challenge that area, press up for bridge, let's stretch out that midsection, your abdominals, arms reach out, shoulders hug underneath the body, take a couple moments here to stretch out, and then roll down, okay, draw the knees up, bent legs 90 degrees, take the knees over to the right, you can shift your hips over to the left a little bit, so any kind of, release the left arm out wide, you can bend it like a field goal, so after all that work it might feel good to release tension in the back, up to center, the other side, sometimes what happens with all the, you know, the squatting and core work and effort, if we don't have our core engaged, what happens is our low back ends up doing a lot of the extra work for us, and you may be feeling that right now, be mindful, get that core engaged, stabilize, okay, back over to center, bottom of the feet together, open the knees out wide, take the arms up, back behind you, like you just finished something really special, and you're done, you deserve a little rest, let's take one breath here, and exhale, rest as long or as little as you'd like, you can meet me in a seated position, so we can say our farewell for now, ah, seal it, work done, sealed in the heart, in the body, positive memory, until next time my friends, namaste.


Jenny S
6 people like this.
This one kicked my butt! I thought I was in pretty good shape but now I see I maybe need to do this type of practice more often…but it’s always great to see you here Robert - your upbeat personality makes the hard work a bit easier 🙏🏻💪
Laura M
5 people like this.
Great class!! Feeling strong! Thanks!
Glenford N
8 people like this.
Hi Robert. Loved the practice, especially the core work! What better way to spend lockdown number 6 in Melbourne than getting down on the mat with a friend. Namaste.
Leslie C
3 people like this.
Love love love your practices!!! Thank you
Eric M
5 people like this.
What just happened? I wasn’t feeling up to it this morning, but found a new Robert Sidoti practice, AND it’s only 20 minutes. How hard could it be? I agree with Jenny S - what a great (but unexpected) start to the day. 
Charlotte M
What a great way to start the day - LOVE it!
Kate M
2 people like this.
This was perfect!.Challenging but short enough that I could stick with it! Coincidentally, I'm teaching a class tonight with the theme of cultivating the fire of transformation! Well, lots of tapas in this practice!! It's giving me some more ideas to explore...
Robert Sidoti
Hello my friend Jenny S - been awhile!! Nice to see you here :)) I'm sure you're plenty strong - nice be physically challenged sometimes though, feels good, especially when finished! Thank you so much taking the time to comment and share here Jenny!! Happy Summering! 
Robert Sidoti
Laura M !! Nice to see you here! So happy you enjoyed the practice! I appreciate you! 
Robert Sidoti
Glenford N ! Helloooooo my long time YA friend! Lockdown #6 huh?! Wow, definitely interesting times we all find ourselves in - thankful we all have Yoga Anytime to feel a sense of connection when at times there is little. Sending love, Robert
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