20 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 2

Feel Good Yoga Workout

20 min - Practice


Invigorate your day with this “workout” style class. Robert leads us through challenging squat flows, dynamic standing poses to charge up the legs, and core-stoking sequences that will raise your heart-rate and leave you feeling strong, open, and energized.
What You'll Need: Mat

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This one kicked my butt! I thought I was in pretty good shape but now I see I maybe need to do this type of practice more often…but it’s always great to see you here Robert - your upbeat personality makes the hard work a bit easier 🙏🏻💪
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Great class!! Feeling strong! Thanks!
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Hi Robert. Loved the practice, especially the core work! What better way to spend lockdown number 6 in Melbourne than getting down on the mat with a friend. Namaste.
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Love love love your practices!!! Thank you
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What just happened? I wasn’t feeling up to it this morning, but found a new Robert Sidoti practice, AND it’s only 20 minutes. How hard could it be? I agree with Jenny S - what a great (but unexpected) start to the day. 
What a great way to start the day - LOVE it!
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This was perfect!.Challenging but short enough that I could stick with it! Coincidentally, I'm teaching a class tonight with the theme of cultivating the fire of transformation! Well, lots of tapas in this practice!! It's giving me some more ideas to explore...
Hello my friend Jenny S - been awhile!! Nice to see you here :)) I'm sure you're plenty strong - nice be physically challenged sometimes though, feels good, especially when finished! Thank you so much taking the time to comment and share here Jenny!! Happy Summering! 
Laura M !! Nice to see you here! So happy you enjoyed the practice! I appreciate you! 
Glenford N ! Helloooooo my long time YA friend! Lockdown #6 huh?! Wow, definitely interesting times we all find ourselves in - thankful we all have Yoga Anytime to feel a sense of connection when at times there is little. Sending love, Robert
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