20-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 3

Grounded Balance Flow

20 min - Practice


Robert leads a class to build strength and mobility in the legs. We begin in easy stretches, move into dynamic sequences in familiar standing poses to challenge balance, play into Crow pose, and open the hips and quads. You will feel awake and invigorated.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Aug 09, 2021
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A delicious yoga snack.  Thank you! 
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enjoyed it :))
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This was so good! I love the long holds and the slowed-down pace. I could feel my body growing stronger even in just 20 minutes. Thank you!
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Loved this, Rob! 🙏 GREAT wake up the body for the day flow!!!  Very efficient 20 minute practice! 
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I really enjoyed the practice thank you. Great stretch after biking!
What a great way to describe the 20 minute practice Grainne O  - 'a delicious yoga snack' - I will share that :)) 
Happy you enjoyed it Fabian H !! 
It doesn't have to take an hour or an hour and half to get all the 'yoga feels' and benefits - 20 minutes can be just right! Those long classes are amazing but do take up a big portion of ones day as well as make people feel classes are best when that long - make sense? So sometimes people will simply pass on practicing because they feel they don't have time for an hour or longer - let's here it for the 20 minute practices!! :) 
Well well well - look who it is, my good pal Rebecca R !! So happy you joined and are practicing here with us all! I miss you - all of our time at YTT's and classes - please accept a nice virtual hug! Lot's of love to you and your kiddos! 
Hey there Robin J !! Thanks for practicing here with us - glad it felt like a nice compliment to your biking! 
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