Mudra Medicine Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Apanvayu Mudra

5 min - Tutorial


The Heart Mudra asks the self to curl into the lap of the divine. Laura introduces us to her favorite mudra in this practice. Intended to introduce fluidity to the chest and body, creating space for the heart, this mudra is balancing to the physical heart, the heart chakra, and can aid in times of grief, over excitement, and stress.
What You'll Need: No props needed


Thanks, these mudra practices are really fun. Peace Out Laura!
I could really feel this one .I felt like I was creating a heart with my hands. Beautiful .
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i love her language. so grateful for these teachings.
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So great. Thank you
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Thank You!! So happy it is inspiring and helpful!
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Thank! Laura l love these mudra well done! Peace out!!
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Thank you so much for sharing these mudras and for the kind instruction. I am trying one each day, looking for the one to stick with awhile. :)
Okay, I take it back. THIS one is my favorite!!
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Apanvayu Mudra is such a Beautiful Mudra for the Heart
Loved it! Is it possible to do it laying down with belly up ?
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