Yin Yoga and Mythology Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Lakshmi Yin

35 min - Practice


The breath is like spring rain, watering the soil of the heart so that it can be a garden of wildflowers of every color. Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, community, beauty, gathering, and prosperity. Think of gold silk, jewel colored robes and sparkly jewelry, the softest pashmina, and the welcoming smell of sweet warm bread to be shared as a blessing bestowed on everyone. Melt into long held yin poses and listen to stories about Lakshmi, cultivating friendliness, loving kindness, and affectionate generosity towards yourself.
What You'll Need: Square Bolster, Blanket

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Loving this practice x
thank you so much! 
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Beautiful grounding, nurturing practice…the story of Lakshmi touches my ❤️ thank you 🙏🏻
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omg, absolutely divine. So perfect today and I love your voice x
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A wonderful, relaxing class. I especially loved the braiding technique. 
Amanda thank you so much!!
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Diane C Hi! So happy that you enjoyed it - it means a lot to me 
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Your storytelling is just fabulous and really helps to dive deep into the energy of the postures. Lakshmi energy is something I've been needing lately, and I'll continue to come back to the idea of grace like silk and welcoming all parts of myself to the dinner party. Thank you!
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Rosanna S Thank you so much! Yes, I think the whole world needs a little more Lakshmi these days. Your feedback means a lot to me. Lots of love to you! 
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I want to thank you for your beautiful style of teaching and I, too, appreciate your voice. Ive been a yoga teacher for about 17 years and love it when I find inspirational yoga teachers such as yourself. Loved the yin practice. 
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