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Yin Yoga and Mythology

Mythology has long been used to reflect the universal struggles of humankind. These folklore stories, told by and through relatable characters, help us feel more grounded and connected, so we can move through difficulties with grace, make friends with discomfort, and hold our center through uncertainty. Yin Yoga and Mythology combines rich storytelling traditions with powerful practices that are designed to offer physical, emotional, and mental relief, leaving you feeling ready to face the challenges of life with greater tenderness and ease.


Season 1 - Kelly Kamm

In Season 1, Kelly shares her gift of poetic and engaging storytelling to melt the tissues of the body, the mind, and the heart. She weaves tales of Hindu Deities into short practices designed to address major joints of the body, as well as the fascia, organs, and bones, resulting in more spaciousness and ease of movement, while awakening the soft power in the heart. You will feel rested, entertained, and empowered.

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