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Season 1 - Episode 7

Ganesha Mudra

5 min - Tutorial


Obstacles allow us to feel thankful for opportunities of learning. Laura introduces us to a mudra that helps us appreciate these opportunities and, like Ganesha, release them from a place of joy and light. She guides our focus to the emotions connected to our obstacle as we ask the universe to remove them in a manner that will serve all beings.
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Namaste. Let's look at Ganesha Mundra. So if you're not familiar with who Ganesha is, Ganesha is a mythical god in Indian mysticism that is the remover of obstacles. And it kind of makes sense. So it's this dude that has an elephant head. Because back in the day, a long time ago, if you had a big obstacle to move, you had to go get an elephant. Like, that was the bulldozer, right? But the cool thing about the story of Ganesha is that he creates this beautiful release of the obstacles from a place of complete joy. Like, he is so light. He's so happy that he actually rides a little mouse, which is amazing. Like, he rides it like a horse and doesn't squish it, right? Because his heart is so light. So with this mudra, the intention of your heart being light is incredibly important. If you use this mudra from a standpoint of, I'm going to get rid of that obstacle, it's not going to work well. It's totally not going to work well. You have to approach it from a sense of thank you for being an obstacle. Thank you for the things that you showed me.

I am ready for you to go now. And with great blessing, I appreciate everything that you taught me. That can be tricky. I understand. But that's really what you need to do. So the other aspect is you can't really pick your obstacle as like a person. Oh, so-and-so is my obstacle. And I want to get rid of so-and-so. What you have to do is you have to think about what the emotional component of the obstacle is. What is the emotional component? Is it that a person drives you crazy? Is it that that person hurt your feelings? Like, those are actually the obstacle. The emotions are the obstacles, right? So focus on lightness, focus on joy, focus on what is actually going on emotionally, and that you would like that obstacle to be removed. Okay? All right. So let me show you the mudra. It's so awesome. So your thumbs, which are the representation of-yes, the divine-turn into the trunks of Ganesha. So watch my hands. I'm going to just show you my hands like this. I'm going to turn my hands so that one thumb is pointing up and one thumb is pointing down. I'm even going to talk in rights and left to you, okay? The hand closest to me is my left hand and the thumb is pointing down. The other thumb is pointing up. And I'm just going to bring each thumb to the opposite palm, just like that. And then I'm going to make the clasp. I'm going to hold on to the thumbs.

So my left hand is holding my right thumb and my right hand is holding my left thumb. And then I'm going to relax my arms. I'm going to hold on to the thumbs and relax my arms. And then give a little tiny pull of the thumbs, just like that elephant is removing that obstacle. Let's try it again because it's really, once you understand it, it's easy to find, but finding it can be a little tricky. So release the hands. Hands are facing forward. My left thumb is going to point down and the back of the hand is facing me. And my other hand is going to, the palm's going to face me. I line up my thumbs with my palms and I interlace. So you always go into it like this. You think about it in that way. And then you're going to relax the arms, which is going to change the shape of the hands. But because the fingers can spin around the thumbs, it's okay. It's pretty easy, right? So you rest the hands in this way.

Now, again, I want you to give a little bitty pull, just a little tug on the joint of the thumb, like that Ganesha trunk is working with that obstacle. So it's very soft. You pull and then you release. You pull a little bit and then you release. Now turn your mind to that sense of joy, to a sense of lightness, to what it will be like when the obstacle's gone. Turn your mind away from the practicality and into the emotion, just the emotion of what's going on. You're feeling sad. You're feeling angry. You're feeling jealous. You're feeling whatever you're feeling. Let the eyes close. You're still pulling softly and releasing. Your eyes are closed. You're aware of your breath. All of these things are happening at the same time. Lightness of mind, awareness of breath, pulling and releasing the thumbs. And then relax now, the pulling, and just rest in the Ganesha Mudra. Just rest here. Close your eyes and let go.

So you just made a request that the universe will help you remove this obstacle in a way that is beautiful for everyone, right? That's light and happy and beautiful for all concerned. So just rest with your eyes closed. Hold the thumbs at the perfect pressure. Feel the breath move through your body. Slowly now release your hands. Turn the palms down onto your lap. This mudra can be practiced at any time. I have practiced this mudra actually in an argument.

And it really works really well, particularly if you practice it. If you practice it, it develops in your body and then the medicine is just immediate. So you can practice this anywhere again four times a day. Why not? Do it. The first thing when you wake up, if you wake up in the middle of the night and something's on your mind and you can't sleep, for heaven's sakes, sit up and do the mudra. Go ahead, sit up and do the mudra and then drop into a little meditation while you're just simply holding and quiet. Amazing, very powerful. So enjoy this mudra. Again, don't pull so hard. It makes your hands hurt. And when your hands fatigue, let go of the mudra and rest the hands. So I thank you. Enjoy Ganesha mudra. Namaste. Peace out.


Jody T
2 people like this.
thank you! i needed some quick morning medicine and that was perfect! xo
Kristina L
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love love love Laura's wisdom, light and teachings! peace out!
Laura Tyree
So happy you enjoy this one. I was in it myself this morning. It not only heals the mind/ is great for achy or overworked hands.
Kristina L
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Hey Laura....I also appreciate your reminder to play with the emotion/obstacle rather then a person...a key distinction! Yet what's your suggestion when the obstacle has not revealed itself? Thanks for bringing your realness to us. XOs
I really enjoyed that. Also I liked the depersonalisation of the "person" and considering the emotion. Thank you!
Laura Tyree
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KRISTINA ENDER! You contemplate the feeling that the obstacle gives you. It will come in varying forms. Meditate not to remove them from your life but to further understand the positive and negative impact they are having on your life.
Katherine E
1 person likes this.
I find myself doing this often. A lot of old patterns. I love the feeling behind it. Every time I practice, I think of an elephant trunk and the obstacle . Sometimes I end up smiling. Thank you. Love k
Sladjana J
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Removing obstacles with lightness in the heart, thank you for reminding me :)
Awesome! I'm in love with this mudra!

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