Mudra Medicine Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Mula Mudra

5 min - Tutorial


When beckoning the universe, both freedom and steadiness are required. Laura shares her favorite root chakra mudra, allowing the diaphragm to release and ground us while simultaneously freeing the breath for meditation. A difficult mudra for many, she encourages us to stick with the medicine as our solar plexus' learn to relax and we move into the deep stress relief that becomes available.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Namaste. Okay, so here's my favorite root chakra mudra. It's called mula mudra. You know, mula means root, right? Like, mulandara chakra, the first chakra. This one's so beautiful. It has the most amazing effect on the body in that it grounds the body and it releases the diaphragm. So your, your breath is able to just move in an amazing way from a very grounded and centered place. It's easy to do too. So look at your hands. You're going to take your thumb pad and you're going to touch the ring finger, but you're going to touch like the easy side in the middle of the ring finger. That would be kind of a hard side and the easy, go with the easy side. And then you just rest the hands. The other fingers, they extend somewhat, but you don't overdo that. And we are working on creating that groundedness by releasing the diaphragm. So it's a very, very light pressure and there's a quality of complete peace in the hands, right? Let me show you again. So open the hands one more time. The thumb pad is going to rest on the easy side in the middle of the ring finger. And again, you're making this beautiful pocket, this beautiful space. As you develop this mudra, you'll feel this space will feel like it just feels like it just empties away, just drops away. It's really amazing. This is my favorite mudra for meditation as well, because it allows the breath to have such freedom. And at the same time, it makes me feel steady, very, very secure, very serene. So allow your eyes to close for a moment in this mudra. You may have already had a movement in the breath. I experienced these like deep sighs when I take this mudra in meditation. So it's a deep stress reliever, as well as a grounding agent for the body. Feeling the breath move through the body and feeling that quality of tenderness, right? Because the thumb is involved, it means the universe is involved and the universe is being beckoned. It's possible that the hands may not be comfortable already. And if that's true for you, you can release the mudra. But if you can stay for a few more breaths, do so. Continue to hold the mudra, but go ahead and open your eyes. So this mudra can cause complications in the hands because there's a deep tightness in the solar plexus. And there's the inability to let go of that tension, to let go of that control. And that limits the breath. It sort of puts you in sort of this straitjacket of sorts. So as you take this mudra, initially if you don't like it, or if it makes you feel nauseous, or if it makes you break out in a sweat, or if it just makes you just want to jump up and run around the room, this is the mudra for you, I hate to tell you. But it's a real medicine. So you're going to want to take it a little bit at a time until the body can get used to it. It's a very profound mudra. So let the hands open. Bring the hands to your heart. Good luck. Namaste. Peace out.


Katherine E
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I am very excitied about using these different mudras in my practice. Thank you .f
Meaghan S
new fave. thank you Laura
Gracie S
Loving this mudra, thank you!

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