20 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 9

Hands Free Flow

20 min - Practice


Change your perspective with this hands-free flow that will leave you feeling fresh, enlivened, and renewed. We move through modified Sun Salutes, find stillness in standing poses, and stay curious in twists, before closing in core work.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Such a fun practice thanks bex
Super invigorating thanks
Robin J thank you...you keep on practicing!
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Hi Bex,
This was just the very dab! Thank you - you used one of my all time favourite words ...effervescence..... and quickly followed it by saying ...a brief respite in Utkatasana,which even after all these years is still a challenge to me and can cause my spirit to plummet at times if I know it´s coming - but what with the effervescence an all haha- it was fine! I still couldnt stretch to calling it a respite tho!
Have a beautiful day!
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I recognize these moves and was able to do them better today than last Saturday.  Thanks again for a fabulous retreat!  
Suzanne L yay! Wonderful to be together in person.
Michelle F thank you, I love that word too.
Beautiful practice, Bex! Thanks! 💝
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Thank you for easy to follow yoga instructions. Makes all the difference!!
Sandra Židan thank you! So great you are enjoying the offeringsn
Lynn-Marie M glad the sequencing and guidance support you moving! Xox
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