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Season 5 - Episode 8

Keep On Moving

20 min - Practice


This rhythmic class will help you feel invigorated and ready for your day. We flow through Sun Salutes, heat the core in floor work, and play into Dancers Pose, closing hip-softening shapes.
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Welcome. Join me on the top of your mat. We're just going to keep on moving. So feet together, hands, heart, center and prayer. Here to be with ourselves. Inhale your arms up, look up. Exhale, fold forward and down. Inhale, lift chest. Exhale, right leg back and then left leg back. Plank pose. I'm on tinted fingertips here. Try that and then spread your hands like starfish. Hips up and back, downward facing dog. Pedal your feet. We're going to do a couple of rhythmic, rounded dog to plank. So all you got to do is scoop your belly in, round yourself, bring your shoulders above your elbows and wrists, and then bend your knees and stir your hips up and back. If you missed that one, we have two more scooping and rounding. Plank, bend knees, lift hips up and back. So you're really looking for that slowing of the wave of the body forward. I'm forward and then knees bend, hips up and back. Hear your breath. Flow your breath. Inhale, plank pose all the way down to the floor. Roll the thigh bones in and then press the toenails into the mat. Inhale for low cobra. Exhale, friends release. Push back child's pose. Downward facing dog. Inhale, rise right leg. Right knee left elbow. Exhale and up. Right knee right elbow and up. Right foot forward. Look forward. Step left foot forward, both feet top of mat, hands on shins. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, fold, spread those toes. Inhale, come all the way up in a wave like fashion if you feel that. And bring hands heart center and prayer. Inhale, arms come up, look up. Exhale, hinge at hips, fold. Inhale, lengthen spine. Tented fingertips, left leg back, right leg back, tinted fingertips, plank, spread left hand, right hand, down dog. undulate the body this time just for one rounding scooping until you get to plank and then down dog. Inhale, plank. Exhale all the way down to the floor. Keep the hands under the shoulders. Prime the spine by inhaling, lifting friends, and add a lift in the legs. If that doesn't feel comfortable for your back, keep your legs down. Okay. And then release. Push back through child's if you got a lot of energy today. Plank and reverse downward facing dog. Lift that left leg. Left knee right elbow exhale. Inhale rise. Left knee left elbow and up. Left foot steps forward. Look forward. Right foot steps forward. Hands on shins lengthen. Chest towards eyes fold. Bend both knees come into Utkatasana. Now I favor my feet together. If you favor your feet apart, take them apart. Arms frame ears. And then I feel a little wonderful tethering of my elbows and to my shoulders. There's that pulling downward and that lifting in my heart. Let's do drinking bird. Sweep your arms back rise onto your tiptoes. Lower your heels sweep your arms forward lift your toes. Two more arms back heels rise. Heels lower arms forward.

Final one heels rise as arms reach back maybe your pelvis descends. Heels lower maybe your toes lift as your arms reach. Inhale be that well spring up for Urdva Hastasana. Arms wide or prayer hands fold. Inhale lengthen. If it feels right for you Chaturanga with a jump. Upward facing dog. Downward facing dog. Otherwise you just step back and flow through and breathe. Inhale rise the right leg. Knee to the nose and up. Two more knee to the nose and up. Knee to your nose. Step your right foot forward. Pivot on your left toes. Classic warrior one. Hands to your hips if you like that. Yeah, if that's not your jam. Arms up. Palms can be ahead. I always like this version because my traps just soften a bit and then I can embrace sitting into the right thigh. Breathing in and breathing out. Hands down. Vinyasa or down dog. High plank, low plank, low cobra or up dog. So you start to notice how you spread your fingers, how you orient and establish connection through the thumb index and middle finger and the ring finger and small finger. Lift your left leg, coil the pelvis as the knee comes to the nose and then spring the leg up. Knee to nose. Puff those kidneys toward the sky and up. Knee to nose. Step the left foot forward. Turn the right heel in. Your personal expression of warrior one, right? The one that meets you, that greets you. Oh hello, old friend. Warrior one, how are you? I'm fine. Little shaky today. Moving through it. Moving through it. Moving through it. Breathe. Hands down. Cycle through. Remember, cycling through looks different for everyone. What is significant is your breath. If you want that chaturanga to up dog, you take it. If you want that child's pose to down dog, you embody it. Beautiful. Lift your right leg, take your right knee to your right elbow and then up. Let's just repeat that two more times. Right knee, right elbow and up. A little flushing happening. Right knee, right elbow. Put the right foot down where the right hand was. Warrior one just for a moment. Just for a moment. We're going to hit that humble warrior. So take your hands either to your hips or if it feels right for you, interlace your fingers behind your back. I'm going to leave with my right thumb. Heart lifts, head lifts and then bow head to heart. I always in this shape. Remember, we train our minds. Let's train our hearts. See a little deeper craft of breath that steers your right outer hip back. And then bring the hands to the mat. Plank pose. You can come on to your left forearm or your left hand, your left knee, right foot in front. Let's sneak in. And we're not going to do the other side right after. Okay. Reach right arm over. Hand down. Could be down dog. Could be child. I'm just going to go for it.

Chaturanga. Heard of a mukha. Breathing and we know the Sanskrit is here to inspire us. To remind us to breathe as we feel what we feel. Lift the left leg. Left knee, left elbow. And up. You got this. Exhale. And up. Left knee, left elbow. Step left foot where left hand was. Pivot on right toes, heel to heel or a wider stance is totally fine. We sit in. Hands can come to hips. I'm going to thread the left thumb first down my back. Heart is open. Heart is open. And then hinge. Fold. Steering left outer hip back. Yeah. Letting the head traction to the floor. A reminder if you're an elbow locker, sometimes a smidge of a bend will help you actually access the center of your chest. Both hands to the floor. Plank pose onto the right hand, forehand or nivasi on this side. I promised I wouldn't forget. Funnel those ribs. Reach over with the left arm and down. Vinyasa or maybe you need to deliver child's pose. I'm all for it. Breathe. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. Bend your knees.

Look to your hands. Step or jump. Feet to hands. Inhale. Lift chest. Exhale, friends. Fold. Deep bend in the knees. Come into utkatasana. Take your right elbow outside your left thigh. A little rinse here. Bump your right knee back. If you like your right hand to be in a fist, left hand to wrap. That's fine. If you notice that you have the ability to lower the right arm and reach the left arm up, that's great too. Whatever shows up for you, may it be just so. Hands in prayer. Let's bring up for a rinse. Inhale, low back bend. Exhale, fold. Inhale, lengthen. Bend the knees. Utkatasana on this side.

Hands in prayer. Left elbow outside right thigh. Maybe you fist your arms. Maybe you wrap. Possibly, friends, you'll take the left hand outside. Right arm up. Breathe in. Breathe out. Smooth and deep. And then very, very slowly. Lower down with the right hand and bring both arms forward. So the lower down was the right hand, arms forward. And then guess what's gonna happen? We're gonna sit. Oh yeah, you didn't see that coming. I snuck it in. We're gonna sit. We're gonna get a little bit of the core, although we've been doing it the whole time. You're gonna go back a smidge. My hands are in prayer and twist to your left. Hello, center. Twist to your right. Say hello to yourself. Center. Now we go back to the left and lift the right leg. Getting some heat in there. Come through the center. Go back to the right. Lift the left leg. Center. Now take your hands under your thighs. Lift your chest. Lift your legs. Maybe climb your hands up your legs. Lift, lift, lift. Beautiful, friends. Lift, lift, lift.

Cross right calf in front of left shin bones. Hands forward. The left leg goes back. The right leg goes back. Vinyasa. I'm gonna go right into down dog. Yeah, I am. More breath in. Deep breath out. Lift the right leg. Right knee, left elbow. Exhale. And up. Right knee, left elbow. One more.

And up. Right footsteps. Warrior two. Warrior two here. So let's just settle into our hips. I'm just gonna put my hands on my hips. Settle in and then reach the arms over. Puff the chest a bit. Puff the chest a bit. Take the left hand either down to the left thigh or behind and on the right thigh and the right arm up. Lift your chest. Feel the back bend here. Okay. Here it is. I feel it. Right arm inside. Left arm over. Right arm inside. Yes, your right forearm could be on your thigh. More breath here. Breathe. Hands down, Vinyasa. Hands down, Vinyasa. Treat yourself to whatever it is you need. Be honest. Be with you. Lift your left leg. Left knee, right elbow. And up. Left knee, right elbow. And up. One more. Exhale. And up. Step into warrior two. You may want to do what I did. Heel to arch of the back foot. You may want to just invite, invite, invite hips to lower horizontal arms.

Hand on thigh on the right or behind. Left arm level or up. Enjoy the back bend. Enjoy the back bend. Come up. Left forearm to thigh or left arm on the inside. Yes, for those of you who like to bind, obviously, that's an option. Both hands down. Cycle through. Cycle through. Bend the knees.

Look to the hands. Feet to hands. Inhale. Lift the chest. Exhale. Fold. Inhale. Come all the way up. I'm going to round up. Rolling and scooping. Scooping and rolling. Spreading my toes. Feeling what I feel. Oh, thank you, body. So I'm also keenly aware of two feet grounded down. Natarajas and dancer's poles. Bend your left elbow.

Left palm faces the sky, okay? And then I'm going to move back a smidge. So I'm right in the middle of my mat. You could do that or you can stay at the top. Bend the left knee. Grab the inner left ankle. If you did this, this is enough. You reach that right arm up. If you'd like to use a wall, you can. Now when you hinge at the hips, blossom the heart and kick the left foot into the left hand with that energy of a laser-like focus. A laser-like focus. And then you just find where you want to surf. Maybe you could go further. Maybe you want to. Maybe you don't. And then you release and breathe. Not everything needs to be the edge of your end. It could be the beginning. Turn the right palm up. Give yourself enough space.

Elbow to hip. Bend that right knee and grab the inside of the right ankle and lift the left arm. Again, this would be perfect right here. And when you hinge at the hips, you lift through the heart space. There's that up dog. And as you kick, simultaneously you reach. So there's an action of really kicking and really reaching. Really kicking and reaching and breathing. And maybe you can go further. And maybe you want to be still. Go, go, go.

And then land. And when you land, maybe you'll land better than me. Your ground. Rinse your breath. Walk to the top of your mat. Inhale your arms up. Exhale, fold forward and down. Inhale, lift your chest. I'm going to hop to chaturanga. You do you. Up and down dog.

Lift your right leg. Come forward onto your right shin for pigeon. Now if pigeon is not a friendly pose for you, you can go onto your back for figure four or seated figure four. I always look back at my left leg and make sure it's really straight and that my ankle is not sickling. Then I come forward. I don't punish my knee for what my hip may or may not have in its option or my ankle. I just am here to breathe. Some people like to prop a blanket, towel, a block under the right hip. Others like to twist. I like to keep my chest up. I like to keep my chest up. Some people like to really reach way forward and fold. And I'm just demonstrating that right now if that's you. I'm bringing my awareness and my attention to my right outer hip. If you're someone who likes to grab the back foot with the left or both hands, you could do that now.

We have one more round of breath. You could just bend the knee and just hold it there too. That gives the feeling of it. I come back. I spread my fingers and then I sneak that right leg back and up and then lower it down. You could take a vinyasa. I'm just going to lift the left leg and come forward onto the shin. And again, same thing. I look back at the right leg. I make sure everything feels comfortable on the body and then that cohesive stretch. If you are doing figure four or you are reclined or seated, just switch now and send some loving awareness to the breath of the body. And then remember that you are, and I am, loving awareness. Breathing here. Yes, if you want to rest your forehead. Yes, if you want to bend the right knee and grab the foot.

We are in the home stretch. The hands come down. Chest might lift. Sweep and lift that left leg. Put it down. You want to sneak in a vinyasa, you can. I'm just going to come to my seat and then legs forward. You can unravel your body and take shavasana. I'm actually just going to seal my practice in with a seated shape with my hands in anjali mudra, with a great fullness in my heart that I can keep on moving. Thank you for practicing. Namaste.


Sandra Židan
Thanks, Bex, for this great practice! Namaste! 🌞🌹💗
Robin J
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Such a treat to practice with you thanks  bex
Rebecca Urban
Robin J feeling is mutual!!!
Kate M
Loving awareness, breathing.
Love, love.
Thank you Rebecca Urban .
Glenford N
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I am, you are, we are loving awareness.  "Thy will be done!" Thank you Rebecca for another thought provoking and body shaking practice. Namaste.
Rebecca Urban
Glenford N thank you, deep bow and gratefulness to your listening and appreciation.
Glenford N
1 person likes this.
It's always a pleasure, Rebecca.
1 person likes this.
That was wonderful. Thank you so much.
Rebecca Urban
Shawn glad the practice resonated with you.
Lisa D
1 person likes this.
Really enjoyed this practice, thank you Bex. Namaste 🙏😊
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