Too Tight to Stretch Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 8

Full Body Release

25 min - Practice


This class will help you feel a sense of openness and receptivity in your entire being. After opening stretches, we take our time in supported wide-legged poses to find space in the side body, backs of the legs, pelvis, and groin. We then come to our bellies to open the shoulders, chest, and hips in Sphinx pose variations. You will feel open and easeful.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket (2)

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A really feel-good practice!
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Thank you - it was a fun practice. Namaste
Lina S I am so glad you felt good! Thank you!

Nina G Thank you for playing along! I hope to practice together again soon :)

Thanks, Kari, for this wonderful relaxing practice! Namaste! 💝💓💖
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Loved it!  Thank you, Kari!  
Beatriz O thanks so much for practicing with me 🙏🏼
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I've done this one before, but man does it feel good at the end of an office day!!!
Erin C I am so happy to hear that my friend. Thanks so much for taking some time to unwind with me :)

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