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Season 8 - Episode 6

Flow into Yin

30 min - Practice


In this half-Vinyasa, half-Yin experience, we explore joint mobility, balance, and strengthening poses, and then soften into deeper, longer holds. You will feel spacious and rejuvenated.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

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I’m so in love with these practices. Today was the perfect elixir after a fiery summer holiday weekend 🎇🎇🌠aaaaaaah 🧉🏝Namaste Wade!
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omg this was perfect. I sank into a  d e e p  śavāsana at the end. So sweet... 
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So good....
Beautiful practice! Thanks, Wade! Namaste! 💗😊🤸‍♂️
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Kate M: Me too!  I had no choice but to stay in savasana as class ended - my body and brain whispered "stay, stay woman...you need this!"
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Yoga Elixirs are all the rage now Jenny S , I love this reference!! I hope you had an amazing 4th weekend !
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Yeah Kate M , so glad you went deep in the most important part of the journey - savasana making time for this is the real practice! Winning!
Kare H glad you are feeling the feels!
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Thank you Sandra Židan for being on this journey with me!
Great practice after a day of farm chores!
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