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Melina welcomes us to Season 1 of Yoga for Mobility. Celebrate what your body can do as we focus on functional movement to improve joint mobility and circulation, increase your range of motion, and ease muscle tension. In Season 1, we move through 8 Hatha Yoga practices to strengthen your core, elongate your body, and build body awareness, so you can move more mindfully, prevent injuries, and feel confident in how you move.  
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Oct 06, 2022
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👏👏👏 SO happy to see that there’s a new yoga show with you Melina!  This one looks to fill a niche for us yogis that need to be more mindful of preventing injury.  I keep forgetting I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and tend to overdo things sometimes and wind up pulling or tweaking something in the process.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom - I can’t wait to get started!
Hi Jenny S! Lovely to see your name and comment here. As always, thanks for being such a dedicated practitioner, I think you'll love some of the new yoga inspired moves in this series. I can relate to no longer being a spring chicken....and LOVE that there are still so many cool movements to explore as an aging yoga person. Wishing you a healthy fall season!
I am happy to see you again Here on Yoga Anytime, Melina! Namaste! ❤️
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Thank you Sandra, I hope you enjoy this new show.
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I appreciate the cues - a really helpful balance of the small details and the larger "picture".   I've been practicing a long time, and, like others moving into senior bodies, love the chance to slow down and go more deeply into things.  So nice.  Thank you, Melina. 

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