Practical Magic Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Spacious Heart Meditation

15 min - Practice


Kelly guides us into a Dharana Mudra Meditation, or the Concentration Seal Practice. WIth the intention of helping us feel a more intimate relationship with our heart, throat, and wisdom centers, Kelly uses imagery and words to evoke tangible sensation in the body. You will feel a deep interior connection, calmness, and ease.
What You'll Need: No props needed


This was very nice, Kelly.
The teaching is reassuring, and its calm tone belies a lot of skill.
I have never pictured 'space' around the heart center...and it is palpable, and it does make a difference.
Thank you, Alexandra. I am so happy to practice together and to read your insights from the practice. Sensing the space and non-space (matter) around the heart is such an engaging, mysterious practice, I think. I do love it! Grateful for your presence.
This was a really helpful and powerful meditation. Thank you.
so happy to hear, Dear Beth. Thank you! All love, Kelly
Yes! Love the quality of this focus. Thank you for your guidance Kelly.
I love the sensory imagery of earthiness around the heart. Outside my house, it smells and feels incredibly earthy and muddy and fertile right now. It was great to bring that into my mediation and let it settle into my heart. I feel more grounded and settled and able to allow myself to experience spaciousness in the mind.

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