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Robert shares practices for health, vitality, and strength. The season's episodes are progressive, ranging from straightforward and accessible practices geared for beginners, to strong vinyasa flow sequences and cardio workouts for the more seasoned yogi. You will feel alive, inspired, and connected to your power center.
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May 20, 2015
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(waves crashing) Hey, how you doing? My name is Robert Sidoti. I'm the creator and cofounder of Broga Yoga, and I'm super pumped to be involved with Yoga Anytime, so thanks for tuning in. So we've got this set group of sequences that I've been working on. Just want to give you a little idea, a little intro to my style and what I like to do.

Basically, what you'll find in all of these sequences, it'll range anywhere from your morning wake-up routine, which is mellow and relaxing, you'll move your body, you'll start to breath, maybe you'll integrate some intention for the day. All the way up to a 30-minute kind of extreme, pump your body up, get ready for the day, whole-body workout and stretch, right? So that one would be more of a yoga, strength, and cardio. So anywhere in between super mellow, all the way up to really sweaty and difficult, and everything in between. My thing is just trying to get you to understand your body, obviously, how to move smart, how to breathe, right?

(exhales) I want to bring a practice that borders more on strength as opposed to deep flexibility. That comes through just years of practice and knowing my own body up till now, or up to a couple years ago, and up to a few years ago, creating a practice that you'll hopefully check out, that suits me. If it suits you, awesome. Then we'll get to know one other and have a lot of fun. So I hope that you join me.

I think you'll enjoy it. I think you'll feel the benefits. Remember, it's all about the practice, right? And I think I expressed that in the videos. So ...

Thank you. To your health, to your power, to your strength. Namaste. Peace.


David G-
Robert: again.. thanks for your comments. Engine souped up! I love tennis. Would love to play but yoga and cycling and dog walking dad take up serious time. Loved it as a boy. Broga! Yep, that was a cool preview. I saw some stuff that raised my heart rate. Happy Friday! 

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