Shakti Shazaam Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 1

Infinite Light Within

10 min - Practice


Jessica draws our attention inward, toward the breath and the infinite light within. She leads us in guided visualizations, and invites us to relax in preparation for meditation.
What You'll Need: Mat

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very sweet meditation. Thank you, Jessica.
Thank you Linda!! So happy that you enjoyed it! xx
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Thanx Jessica, I'm feeling much more grounded and protected!
Sending you joy and love!! Thank you for practicing with me!
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It was just what I needed this morning. I shall add to my morning practise. Namaste.jx
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Thank you, it was beautiful! This I will do in the mornings.
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Thank you Jessica very beautiful grounding meditation. I appreciate your gentle voice guiding me, very soothing and nice.
Thank you Maria, Jaymie and Jane for your presence and for joining me ! Inspired to inspire :))
Thank you so much. What a wonderful meditation. I feel connected to Earth, the Moon and Sun and calm :)
Bonjour Vanessa, I am so glad that this practice created that feeling of connection to the essence and in turn, your essence. Thank you for sharing ;) With joy and connection, xxxx
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