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Season 1 - Episode 1

Infinite Light Within

10 min - Practice


Jessica draws our attention inward, toward the breath and the infinite light within. She leads us in guided visualizations, and invites us to relax in preparation for meditation.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome to moving into stability and infinite light. So for this session, you're going to need a blanket. You can prop your hips up. I'm going to ask you to come into a comfortable seated position. You can take your hands behind the hips and just bring the flesh slightly back so the sitting bones are aching into the earth.

And then come into a natural position with your hands resting on your knees. The elbows are soft. And then allow your weight and your attention to just drop into your hips. And you might even want to take three deep breaths inhaling through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth. Just two more times.

And then you can go ahead and close your mouth and allow your attention to just slowly move inward. Notice your posture dropping the weight into the hips. Allow yourself to become heavy, anchoring into the earth. And then from that point, bring your attention up along the spine, creating space. Lengthening through the waist.

And then naturally pulling the shoulders towards the ears and letting them roll back naturally, softly. And then bring the crown of the head right over the base of the spine. And then soften your gaze inward even more. And then notice your breath. Notice how the inhale and the exhale moves naturally through the nostrils, softly moving in and softly moving out.

Watching the breath. So as you watch the breath, the breath is naturally going to become shaped. And in that way you're going to begin to lengthen the breath. Lengthening the inhale and lengthening the exhale. To start with, you might want to inhale on a count of four or five.

And then exhaling again on a count of four or five. Samavritti, equal breath. When your mind begins to wander, just bring it back again to the subtle breath, again and moving out. I'm going to shape the breath a little bit more. So this time I'm going to ask you to inhale on a count of four or five, if that feels comfortable.

And then to exhale on a count of six or seven. Just begin to lengthen your exhalation to help descend inward even more. Just for another minute or two. One more minute. And draw your attention to the base of your spine.

Feel the heaviness and the connection of your hips, the legs and the feet into the earth. And then from that point of foundation, allow your mind to visualize roots descending to the core of the earth. Just for about a minute, allow those roots to spread, to connect to the center core of the earth. You might even feel a light pull, a magnetic pull, a foundation of your body connecting, anchoring into the earth. Just allow yourself maybe to feel it.

And then begin to breathe through those roots, nourishment from the center of the earth, giving up through those roots into the body, feeling grounded, centered. And then with the connection to the earth, turn the palms of the hands upward facing the earth, facing the sky. Allow the spine to remain aligned. And you're going to spread your fingers wide now. Receiving light from the heavens, draw your arms up as you inhale.

And then once the arms are overhead, imagine that light is pouring into your hands, infinite light. And then you're going to paint that light to a circle around the entire body as you float the palms of the hands, hands facing downward towards the earth, three times, fingertips touch the earth. And then inhaling again, raising the hands towards the sky, painting infinite light around your body. And then again, exhaling. And the last one, the arms move back up to the sky.

And then bring the hands to meet at the heart. And then rest the hands again onto your thighs and just see your body anchored into the earth through the roots and the same types surround it by infinite white light, that's healing, protective, regenerating and centering and connecting you to your greatest potential. And then you can bring the hands to the heart. Bring the backs of the thumbs to reach the sternum. And then lengthening through the nape of the neck, just draw your chin now very gently towards the tips of your fingers.

And create that attitude of gratitude. You might even want to cultivate an intention here for your day, a great way to start the day. And whenever you're ready, you can open up your eyes. Start your day. Feeling grounded, protected with infinite light, infinite potential, infinite openness.

Thank you.


Linda D
1 person likes this.
very sweet meditation. Thank you, Jessica.
Jessica Magnin
Thank you Linda!! So happy that you enjoyed it! xx
Linda S
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Thanx Jessica, I'm feeling much more grounded and protected!
Jessica Magnin
Sending you joy and love!! Thank you for practicing with me!
Jane H
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It was just what I needed this morning. I shall add to my morning practise. Namaste.jx
Maria F
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Thank you, it was beautiful! This I will do in the mornings.
Jaymie H
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Thank you Jessica very beautiful grounding meditation. I appreciate your gentle voice guiding me, very soothing and nice.
Jessica Magnin
Thank you Maria, Jaymie and Jane for your presence and for joining me ! Inspired to inspire :))
Thank you so much. What a wonderful meditation. I feel connected to Earth, the Moon and Sun and calm :)
Jessica Magnin
Bonjour Vanessa, I am so glad that this practice created that feeling of connection to the essence and in turn, your essence. Thank you for sharing ;) With joy and connection, xxxx
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