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Season 2 - Episode 5

Freedom Yoga Practice, Day 2

45 min - Practice


In his usual way, Erich guides us into a freedom yoga practice by giving us permission to start with something that we already know or feel like doing, and then encourages us to listen for inner guidance. The main idea is, "get into it more." We practice like this for about 18 minutes. He then concludes the practice with a long juicy Savasana and closing meditation.

Play your own music, or click here for the playlist Erich used in this class.


1. Returning to Now -- Karunesh

2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond -- Pink Floyd

3. Blessed Always -- Donna de Lory

What You'll Need: Mat

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The music will start shortly. The free-form chapter can begin. This will be three songs. The technique, remember, is to start with something that you know and get into it and watch how you start being guided about how to change things up. You know. You know. You know.

You know. You know. You know. You know. You know.

You know. You know. You know. You know. You know.

You know. You know. You know. You know. You know.

You know. You know. You You Okay, then just make your way towards a Shavasana position. Just spread out on her back. And, again, like always, watch what you're doing to get the alignment just right, again, so that you're as comfortable as possible. The usual recommendation on this is to put yourself down so that you're symmetrical and comfortably spread open, so you would check that your head is straight, your arms comfortably away from your torso, the palms can be facing up, the palms can be facing down, just whichever way seems to be more comfortable right now.

You wriggle your back and you let your legs be comfortably far apart, probably a little further apart than you would normally have them, just so that you feel a little more spread open than usual. And you would wobble a little bit, make little shifts of alignment until you're comfortable. That's the usual recommendation because it's usually pretty good. And you should practice it like that at times, so encourage your students to practice it like that, but if you would rather have your legs bent and your feet flat, then you should have your legs bent and your feet flat. If you would rather have your legs bent and the soles of your feet together like bada konasana, or have one leg straight like the tree, or if you would rather rest your palms on your chest, give yourself permission to find the position that's feeling like the most right for right now.

Customize it, and you're getting everything just right so that you can then settle into it so that you can practice being still without having to squirm out of it. And so get everything just right, and then turn your attention to the breathing. And probably four, or five, or six, or ten breaths, just breathe in a little longer than normal and breathe out a little longer than normal. Just to get your mind on the ripple, but breathe as softly as you can. Feel the air in your nose, taste it, savor it.

Feel it in your belly, feel it in your lungs. Just where else you feel it. And then just let your breathing become normal. But stay mindful of the breathing, and relax somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, even just a little, and stay with your actual new now experience. Aware of the breathing, aware of sounds, and oh yeah, relax a little more thoroughly, and stay with the breathing, and relax even more thoroughly, and stay with the feeling.

Really get really good at relaxing through your face. There's a lot of sensation on your face, it's easy to feel what's going on there. Relax all around your eyes. Just feel your awareness, like swimming through your eyes, through the temples, through your forehead. Feeling the ripple breathing through your face.

Keep letting go. Go for the feeling of being wide open. Enjoy this part. Take it easy. And then last couple seconds here.

Keep letting go. From wherever you are now, let go a little bit more. Anywhere. So that you're consciously as tension-free as you can be. And you're conscious of it.

You're aware, oh yeah, this is what I feel like when I'm wide open. When I'm not defending myself. When I'm relaxed. Get super familiar with this. And then without moving yet, stay completely relaxed, completely wide open.

Without moving yet, just let your eyes come open. Without tensing up. Or if you do start tensing up, notice it and just choose to let go once again. And so that you're looking at the world you're familiar with without feeling the need to be defended against it. Curious about what is the truth here really.

Something's going on. Comma. Comma. Dot, dot, dot, comma. Just hanging out in the not knowing place.

And then just leisurely tip to your side, come to a seated position. Just for about a minute or so here practicing conscious immobility once again. Watch what you're doing. Start studying yourself. Grounded through whatever's on the ground, like simple.

You're telling people what to do without telling them what to do. That's a cool instruction. Grow tall, wobbling gently. Watch how you accomplish that. Bloom open at the crown of your head.

Crown chakra, full bloom. And then just relax down through your form. And let everything about you be gently in a full bloom. Tweaking your head so it's in a perfect neutral. Tweaking your spine so it's in a perfect neutral.

And then getting familiar with the idea that, whoa, yeah, I'm conscious space is what it feels like. I'm formless awareness, aware of forms. Be aware that you're here. You're here with other yogis. You're here with visible incarnated yogis as well as others.

And be aware that by being together like this and practicing together like this and talking about the stuff, we're helping one another get the hang of it. And so mentally, telepathically, exude a thank you to everyone here. And pay attention to how you feel when you're being thankful. When you're being grateful, what does it feel like? Thank the room for being here.

And then gently exude love to the world. Do what you can do now to help promote peace. You embody it. And it's effortless. Om Namaste.

Thank you for coming. Thank you for coming. Have a great evening. Peace.


Doug G
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Exceptional Erich! Thank you so much. Great playlist, Great guidance, Great everything!! Om, Namaste, Peace _/\_
Erich Schiffmann
Thank you Doug :)))

Thank you Patdev :)))
Joanne W
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Dear Erich, I finished this with a great big smile on my face and immense gratitude for having found your teachings on this amazing internet.
Erich Schiffmann
Thank you very much, Joanne, I appreciate it :)))
Phuong E
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My yoga bliss formula:
Start out with guided meditation with Erich, 30 minutes silent meditation, Freedom yoga with Erich. 
Namaste, Erich.
Vibeke M
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Wow! This is so great! i have been teaching yoga for 5 years and without knowing it i have been teaching a bit of freedom yoga!! I only just discovered YogaAnytime and your freedom yoga. Lately i have been planning a workshop and one of the tunes coming up in my mind is one from "Dark side of the moon" "the great gig in the sky" and today i see your freedomyoga day 2 video and a tune from that same album is on your playlist, wow I love it! Also this way of teaching is weirdly familiar to me, It is also my truth.  How strange is that? I am glad to discover there are more people thinking "outside the box"  I too have been becoming more and more bored of doing another persons teaching, and tired of the same old routines, longing for change, and planning more and more "outside the box kind of sessions" wanting to attract students who want more than just asana,  who is not scared of feeling effects of freedom. Thank you for this immersion, it meant a lot discering this. 
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So nice to see you on here, vibeke! I'm glad to hear you're pulling so much from Erich and this immersion, what a gift!
Sarah N
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Sara S
The ripple is my heart
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