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Season 1 - Episode 2

Breath Support for Athletes

10 min - Practice


Lydia lays the groundwork for the dual use of the breath in this season: for support and in relaxation. She first leads us through a practice focused on finding the relationship of the breath in our deep core muscles. As we come onto our back, we become mindful of breathing slowly and deeply to allow our bodies to find a more fully relaxed state.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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(ocean waves crashing) Hi. Thanks for coming back. I want to talk a little bit about breath, so since in these little segments, these little practices, I'm not going into the breath too much, but ther...


Hi Lydia. Quick query. From 3:07 when you refer to the 'pelvic floor drawing up’ and the ‘lower belly drawing back,’ are you referencing techniques other than the mula and udiyana bandhas? I’m curious because I’m trying to unlock the mystery of why I struggle so with utthita padmasana. Namaste.
Hi BBrett Williams Similar techniques for sure. I don't usually statically hold these bandhas through my whole practice, because that feels too rigid for me, but in something like lolasana or utthita padmasana, I would vacuum them in more strongly. It is a powerful form! I wonder also if you could try putting more energy in straightening your arms, pressing down through your hands, and connecting your arms to your upper abdomen? You can also play with bringing your knees higher to see if that changes anything. Let me know how it goes! Love Lydia

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