Yoga for Athletes Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Revived & Ready to Climb

35 min - Practice


Climbing is Lydia's primary sport, so she knows first hand the way it can affect the body. Beginning by giving tender care to the feet and fingers, Lydia moves us through a sequence of postures designed to address sticky shoulders and invite spaciousness into hard working hip flexors and thighs. You will feel restored and ready to approach your next climb.
What You'll Need: Mat


(flowing water) Hi. This is a short sequence for Yoga for Climbers. But it could also be for you if you have stickiness in the shoulders coming through the pectoral muscles and into th...


Super lovely warmth and opening, especially for my hips, thank you Lydia! x
Misty! Happy that you're sliding around pleasantly in your hips! :) Thanks for commenting! Lydia
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I like the way you give a lot of details to describe every position, thanks!
Hi Misss Melisss. I love the details. They keep interested in the moments. So glad you do too. xo
This is exactly what I need before climbing to stretch and open my body and calm my mind. Thank you.
Hi Lynn. Me too! Glad you like it. :) Lydia
One word for this practice: Aaaaaaahhhhh...
This series would be excellent for EVERYONE. I am not a climber, and I found this practice grounding, integrating, soothing, and opening. Thank you, Lydia Zamorano
Hi Lori. Thank you for pointing that out. I think so too. :) With kindness, Lydia Zamorano
Almost got scared away by the Yoga for ATHLETES title but I jumped in anyways and really enjoyed the session. Absolutely perfect after a day sitting in an office chair!
Hi Dannette So glad you did! I think these are also good for all kinds of people! This one especially for tight feet, shoulders, hips etc. Big love to you!
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