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Yoga for Athletes

Season 1

Preparation Practices

Consulting avid climbers, skiers, runners, bikers, and surfers, this season Lydia offers practices informed by real world athletes as well as some broader breath and core work useful for all of our physically demanding endeavors. Her sweet and precise instruction invites us to find the regions of our bodies in need of some love and offer them both support and relaxation.


Kelly Sunrose
YES! Excited for more awesomeness from you, Lydia!! XO
Lydia Zamorano
Thanks Kelly! When are you going to get more stuff up? I'm waiting....
Elise W
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Great series. It'd be great to include musicians also, we are prone to injury due to repetitive movement. As a double bassist I enjoyed the finger and shoulder stretches in the climbing sequence. The breath support for athletes could help wind players. A lot of these sequences are applicable but more focus on fingers, arms, shoulders and neck would assist me. Thanks!
Lydia Zamorano
Elise, happy you enjoy this.
Have you ever tried a hand mudra practice? I do one quite regularly and it keeps my fingers moving in a multitude of directions.
Sending a warm smile!
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A series for musicians is a great idea!
Kit & Dee Dee
I love YogaAnytime! I am looking for a post run or post-weightlifting sequence. 10-15 minutes. A cool down and transition back to the day. Thanks
Kira Sloane
Hi Kit! Have you dipped into Season 2 of this show? Lydia Zamorano has a lot of recovery practices in there. xok
Lydia Zamorano
Hi Kit Post run the leg flush practice on season 2 would be really useful or the back repair on season 2. You could also try the Deep Stretch Yin Style in season one for post either activity. For post weightlifting try the Shoulder and Hip Love on season 2. Please keep me posted on how it goes for you! Love! LLydia Zamorano
Kit & Dee Dee
Perfect! Thanks so much. Keep up the great work!

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