Practice with Patricia Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 1

Pranayama for Meditation

15 min - Practice


Our minds love to buzz. Patricia draws our attention inward with the "hissing" breath to prepare us for meditation. Together, we explore the inner vibration of sound in our heart and belly. Practice will result in a quiet, calm, and spacious mind.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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really helpful centering practice; thank you Patricia.
Dear Marleen, so lovely to hear you've found this practice centering - and it's simple.
So simple however so effective this practice
Thank you Karen, I love it that yoga offers us some very potent practices that surprisingly quickly Calm our inner landscape.
Share it! Love, P
Thank you Patricia. This is such a calming and grounding practice! Lovely....
And thank you Frederic, for looking into this practice. So simple yet deeply effective- it's good to know for oneself that it doesn't always take a lot of time to change one's state. Warmest wishes.
Returning to this favorite to help ground me on this windy day. Bowing deeply.
So glad you knew they could help - they're favorites of mine too. Returning your bows
Namasté. I love the two breathing techniques. I could find the second one "Bhramari Pranayama". Really interesting to play with the different positions of the tongue, and how it influences the sound. Can you please tell me the name of the first technique? Thanks. Silke
I just call that one "Hissing Breath" because it was not invented by a yogi, but by a woman in teh1940's or 50's who was teaching body awareness to dancers and actors. It was meant to release holding in the diaphragm. I found that it has a very grounding and calming influence on the whole system. I think Richard Rosen, also on Yoga Anytime, talks about this one, and I know he mentions it in one of his pranayama books. Thank you for your interest! Love, Patricia
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