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Season 1 - Episode 7

Surfing Your Spinal Wave

35 min - Practice


Lydia offers a practice for surfers designed to promote freedom and openness in the shoulders and back. We move through a series of strengthening and balancing postures, closing with a spinal twist and some breath work. While this sequence is designed with surfers in mind, it can be beneficial for anyone seeking fluidity and relief in body.
What You'll Need: Mat


(waves roll) Hi. Thanks for showing up. So this is a short piece on Yoga For Surfers. But again, like all of these short pieces you might not be a surfer but still benefit a lot from these areas that ...


Loved this Lydia..happy body:)
Laurisa! Happy to hear that. Hope to keep practicing together here. :)
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Aligning and calming...exactly what my body and mind was calling for.
Kelsey Beyond happy to see you here. Love you!
Decided to try this, knowing I can't do tree without a wall (no arches, no balance) I needed the strap with the forward bends, arms over, and enjoyed the shoulder stretching, as mine are extremely tight. I LOVE the spinal wave, and will take this with me as a daily practice, the oscillating is so soothing. Middle section was a bit too fast for me, not a fluid surfer, I guess.
Love the stretching at the end, so there are a few movements I will take from this practice. Grateful for the challenge.
Hi Joan! Glad you have something to grapple with for a while. :) Love, Lydia Zamorano

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