Yoga for Athletes Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Yoga for Runners

40 min - Practice


Lydia leads a strengthening sequence for runners that targets the legs, feet, calves, hip flexors, and glutes. We close with a restorative inversion, legs up the wall.

While this sequence was created with runners in mind, it will benefit most. A wooden dowel is suggested, but not required.

What You'll Need: Strap, Block

About This Video


(waves crashing) Hi, this is a short yoga for runners, and we're gonna look at getting into the hamstrings with a leg stretch sequence, getting into the feet for the plantar fascia, ob...


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I found this fantastic. I didn't have the dowel for the feet and achilles but will next time. Thank you so much!!
Anna. So glad that you watched and enjoyed. Sending love! Lydia
Thank you... A blessing for my achilles!
Your welcome! Thanks for being with us! Happy holidays. :)
Thank you, Lydia! This practice respected my powerful, tight hamstrings enough that they released a little. With the exception of the first cobra variation this practice was appropriate for my twenty-one week pregnant body. That psoas release (done carefully of course) felt divine!
Hi Brittany! Congrats on your precious cargo in there! Glad that this practice felt wonderful for you at this time. I loved a lot of leg work while pregnant. Both strengthening and releasing. Love!
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Working with the dowel was fantastic, I can't wait to play with that prop more. Thanks for sharing this great sequence!
What a refreshing, enlivening practice! I love it (and, boy, do I need it). :)
Hi Lori. So glad you loved it and happy we get to practice together. Keep in touch. xo

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