Inner Workings Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 2

Constructive Rest

20 min - Practice


Devon guides us into constructive rest to allow our relationship with gravity to deepen. This is a wonderful place to meet some of the guiding principles that hold Devon's teaching. You may use a blanket or a strap to support your practice, but they are not required.
What You'll Need: Mat


Devon, thank you. It felt like layers of experience kept revealing themselves in the yielding. Beautiful.
Hi Angel. Yeah, I love this practice! Glad to hear my presentation worked for you.
Love sensing into my head pelvis connection, listening to them speak to each other. Such breath filled widening as they travel through my spine. Thank you Devon for your heart felt teaching xx
Hi Misty. So glad you're enjoying Constructive Rest. "Breath-filled widening" is a great description. x
I needed to move my body during the rest, because I could feel that my body was moving. So nice to work just with the gravity, and a great way to have a break from the everyday life.
Just what I needed ! Loved it !

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