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Season 1 - Episode 8

Controlled Core

20 min - Practice


Build strength in your abdominal muscles. Sarah guides us through a series of core-focused postures to build strength and stability.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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It looks like I'm the first person to like this practice, so I'm going to go for two for two and be the first commenter as well - (-; Sarah these practices are so innovative and amazing.  I will come back to this core work. ThanK you! 
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Aaahhh the dreaded core LOL...this actually felt really good, 20 minutes seems about right for this gal! 😅
Beth, haha yes! Thanks for sharing, and good to see you :) Happy practicing! xo, Ashley
Jenny Yes! I can commit to 20 min, any more and I may need a tad more persuasion lol. Hope you have a lovely weekend. xo, Ashley

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