20-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Standing Flow

20 min - Practice


We go deep into the hamstrings, core, and hips in this efficient and energizing 20-minute flow sequence. You will feel strong, stable, and steady.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Just what I needed this morning!  I really appreciate the cues and descriptions .  I am certainly leaving the mat with more joy and energy for the day ahead. 
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Another gem...it just amazes me how complete these short practices are, without ever feeling rushed...I find that even during asanas that require strength and resolve, your soothing way of speaking relaxes me and I’m able to hold these poses seemingly with little effort. 🎋
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A beautiful, calming and energised way to start the day.  I'm filming my television show this morning, so as producer and presenter I need to be on my toes. The balancing positions certainly do that and keep my sense of fun. Thanks Sarah. 
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You are another beautiful teacher. Thank you for this nice practice. 🙏💗
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 Thank you for this beautiful strong practice ❤️
You’re welcome Sharon — so glad you enjoyed it! 
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Thanks Sarah I’m loving these 20 min sessions in by busy day!
Nice energizing practice! Thanks, Sarah!
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Sandra Židan Thank you so much! Happy to share these practices with you 💫
I put in muffins.... do one of these practises.... 20 min.... golden.....thanks!!!
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