Yoga for Emotions Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Savasana Awareness

20 min - Practice


Savasana (Corpse Pose) is rumored to be one of the most difficult postures. Sonia guides us through a series of simple movements and observation techniques to allow us to remain tenderly aware within deep ease.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Simply wonderful. Thank you.
thanks Angela, playing in savasana is restorative and smetimes enough, many times i feel so calm and energized afterwoards i don't need to do anything else, ready for the day.
Those pelvic roles are amazing! I have lower back issues and find it hard sometimes to lay in Savasana comfortably. Those do just the tick to help me lay flat with ease. Thank you!
Christina, so nice to share this practice for you. I keep on doing the pelvic rolls and letting them unfold, all the way to matsyasana, side to side, and more. once you start exploring the possibilities are endless. Keep the play! And thanks for your feedback.
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I laid my eye pillow over my eyes, and it was awareness pure. What a wonderful idea, to teach a Savasana with slow movement. I could really relaxed deeper after the movement, my whole body felt more open and soft for the Savasana, and I felt asleep.
After really long day of exercise I really needed this. Thank You
After a long day at work, I did this. It is wonderful. Thank you.
Thanks Sonia! Was a long week and this was just what i needed...i must admit i fell asleep ;) 
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such a relaxing practice! Thank You Sonia
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I have issues with body flexibility, therefore I can hardly find myself comfortable during yoga practices. This practice opened my stiff body softly and in a pleasant way. This is gentle and beautiful, Sonia, many thanks to You :)

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