10 Ways to Endure the Holidays Yogi Style

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you're anything like me, you may want a few helpful reminders to navigate smoothly. Here are 10 ways to both survive and enjoy this bustling time of year.

10. Skip It

Learning how to say “no” to some of the holiday obligations will save your life. Here’s a great article in the New York Times to get you practicing this vital skill. This one is a little cheekier. However, don’t totally isolate. (See number 4 below.)

9. Simplify It

Tradition is continually evolving. You can let go of activities that are no longer consistent with who you are. Engage in the activities that truly bring you joy. Marie Kondo will be so proud.

8. Stay Sober

Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Reduce the indulgences of the subtler parts of you, like negativity and superiority, and you’ll wake up more refreshed and happy. Try this practice as a way of reducing the poisons of the heart.

7. Wish Sincerely

Empty words leave you feeling shallow. When wishing others a happy holiday season, pause, connect with your heart, and the words that follow will be heartfelt. The below practice will help nourish you and enhance your holiday spirit.

6. Make a Budget

Overspending is a huge source of stress. Identify your core tribe and what you are trying to find or make for each of them. Set this amount aside. Then identify a sweet creative offering for everyone else. Some examples include: cookies, spice mix, small succulent creations, bookmarks, handmade or simple ornaments, or a really warm genuine hug.

5. Connect to the Season

This is the season of going inward. The winter solstice on December 21 is our shortest day of the year and has been recognized around the world for a lot longer than any of the modern holidays. Setting intentions on this day is understood to be way more powerful than the calendar year’s turn of New Year. Here are some yoga practices that might help you celebrate.

4. Avoid Isolation

Loneliness and depression are real and more common this time of year. Have a list of reliable friends you can call on for support, love, and laughter.

3. Practice Self Care

Listen to your body and follow her advice. Take the afternoon nap. Draw the salt bath. Brew the ginger tea. Book the acupuncture appointment. You will be able to show up if you are well rested and happy. If you are new the practice of self-care, perhaps make a date to engage in Kelly Sunrose’s Self Care Challenge.

2. Stay with Your Practice

While you may feel you don’t have time, now is the time to make sure you find a way to sit on the cushion, roll around on your mat, or whatever most connects you to Source. Identify the practices that are the right medicine for you. Here is collection of ones we like this time of year.

Reduce the Overwhelm with Scott Blossom

Find Comfort with Peace and Quiet with Kira Sloane

Energy Flow with Sarah Beston

1. Enjoy Yourself

The holidays are a magical wonderful time of unexpected surprises and delight. Let your heart and mind be open to the possibilities. You will be amazed.
Kira Sloane
About the Author

Kira Sloane

Kira is fascinated by the study of what Is and loves to examine the ordinary every day miracles.


Simon F
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Thank you Kira, I feel less stressed already. Fun and useful links!
Lydia Zamorano
Love this Kira! Thank you!

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