Move to Meditate Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Loving Low Back and Hips

40 min - Practice


Julian guides us in a gentle stretching practice with awareness toward finding relief in the low back and hips in preparation for a seated meditation. We bring mindful attention towards our breath and conclude the practice with a brief loving kindness meditation to invite a feeling of kindness toward ourselves and a loved one.

Click here to listen to the playlist Julian created to go along with this practice, then come back here start the above video at the same time to enjoy the full synchronized experience!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Wonderful practice today. I especially liked the loving kindness meditation. Thank you.
Sam you are so welcome! thanks for letting me know...
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Practiced with the music playlist - beautiful blend; led me deep and into the emotional releases that freed my body and heart from its armor. Deep gratitude for guiding me back home- out I go, open hearted and willing to be present once again. Ocean eyes, whew, what a speak to the soul. Julian, your teaching is a gift that I am so very grateful to have access to. Namaste
Deidra oh that means so much, deidra, thank you! this is why i do what i do. deep bow..
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Hi Julian, I'm always looking for good lower back practices. This was very gentle and opening for me. I have very tight hips, hamstrings, and bad lower back from a previous hernieted disc. These stretches are always beneficial to me and help release my back. I also appreciated your attention to the feet. I have no arches, so I really enjoyed placing the soles of the feet together and flexing the toes to affect the arches. Also rotating the ankles in addition to spreading the toes was delicious.
Wonderful session, and I loved the medition at the end, so blissful. Thank you for your teachings.
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Joan few things make me as happy as hearing that someone seeking relief and healing has benefitted from something i share... thank you so much for letting me know, and i am glad it felt enjoyable and useful to you!
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Thank you Julian. I am slowly working my way back to practising yoga on a regular practice after a shoulder and hip bursa inflammation (caused by 3 weeks of heavy work after a cyclone devastated our garden). Your classes a so gentle I am enjoying immensely.
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Rosalie oh wow.... sorry to hear about the cyclone, your garden and now your shoulder! that's a lot to deal with. go slow and be gentle with yourself for sure. glad what i am sharing here has been a gentle support in your healing. thank you so much for letting me know —it means so much.
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Rosalie oh my, and the hip too... glad you're taking it slow and letting those inflamed joint structures be soothed.
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Such a calming practice for me. Still working on getting my hips more open, it may just be my bone structure, so my knees will never touch the floor. I want you to know how I love the opening to this practice, stretching the chest along with the breath truly helps me to settle and prepare. Each time I do this I feel calmer, more open, and a whole body release. Thank you again for your gentle teachings.
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