Move to Meditate Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Mindful and Fluid

30 min - Practice


Lydia invites us to consider what might support us in our daily lives. We begin with a centering sit before moving into a mindful fluid practice, exploring plank variations, standing shapes, groovy lunges, twists, a backbend and sweet yin-style folds. Our practice ends with a 5 minute seated meditation.
What You'll Need: Mat


So joyful to see another new practice from you Lydia. A glorious way to open myself to the new day. I love how you start these with sitting and stretching the neck. This is a wondefully gentle session that opens my hips, and I enjoy the plank and back stretches. The wrist and ankle very nice, and much needed.
Always grateful for your teachings.🦋
Joan Always grateful to hear from you! Hope you are enjoying the day and thanks again for letting me know how you enjoy the yoga. All the love!
Super beautiful. Love the pace and calm that you give.
Thank you so much Simon Love! Lydia Zamorano
Lovely. Thank you.
Thank you Eric :)
Wonderful way to start my day! Thank you
Kit & Dee Dee Thanks for sharing! So much love!
Beautiful, Lydia. Thank you for this!! : )
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Perfect way to end my Sunday: movement, stretches and meditation. 
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