Kundalini Rising Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 16

From Negativity to Love

40 min - Practice


Move from a space of negativity to a space of love. Sukhdev guides us through a kriya practice of mantra, mudra, pranayama, movement, and meditation to encourage us to live in our purpose and come back to a sense of kindness and compassion for self and others.
What You'll Need: Mat


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i love this combination of exercises sukhdev, thank you so much for sharing! does this kriya have a special name?
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Beautiful shift and really enjoyed finishing wth the meditation for overcoming self animosity - powerful! It would be helpful if the volume is higher during the breath of fire sequence, as it's difficult to hear your voice over the sound of my breath!
Thank you Sukdev for your kindness and compassion.
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After doing this, I immediately felt a shift from holding grudges to being more understanding. I felt in my heart my actions/reactions should always come from compassion and kindness. Thank you Sukhdev 🙏💖

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