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Season 1 - Episode 3

Side Body and Hips Flow

20 min - Practice


Sarah guides us in a short, yet powerful practice that focuses on strengthening and opening the side body and hips. You will feel spacious and strong.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Apr 09, 2019
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Love these short but sweet practices, there’s always something new to learn. Today I loved your cuing on the arm and elbow placement in happy baby. This gentle leverage created such a nice opening sensation!
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This  is a beautiful season - I just wish there are more episodes . I'm repeating each session several times which is really improving my technique and allowing to discover more subtlety in the poses. I'm also enjoying your humour and sense of fun, Sarah. Namaste.
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Glenford, that's so wonderful to hear that you're discovering subtleties in your practice. Doesn't it sometimes feel like this happy little secret that you've uncovered? And keep with us, there are still several more episodes to release... the season's not over yet :)
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This was exactly what I needed to wake up and get calm this morning before I go about my day. Thank you. Namaste.
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Vanessa thank you for joining me! 🙏🏻
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thank you ! i feel less tight now!
Geraldina woohoo! That’s great news, thanks for sharing! 
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Absolutely perfect! Thank you!
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Something amazing happened when I was practising downward dog today: I felt such an ease and effortlessness I have never felt before! It was blissful! I have been practising yoga for twenty years! Thank you for this gorgeous practice.
Welcome Ali! So glad you're practicing with us, and that you're finding a new sense of ease in an ol' trusty posture like downward dog. So beautiful when it happens, no? Thank you for sharing, and keep close as you notice other shifts. Warmly, Ashley from Yoga Anytime
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